C18 series

C18 from Becker: The classic radio control system for your ZIP screen.

Our tried-and-tested C18-ZIP screen drive with Centronic radio. The unidirectional radio drive uses the powerful and interference-immune radio frequency 868.3 MHz. You can operate the drive with all of the control units in our Centronic-II series, with CentralControl (without feedback) and via the mediola system. When it comes to the automation of ZIP screens, this drive is setting standards: Becker engineers used state-of-the-art software to implement sensitive detection into this application involving flexible fabric. The intelligent nature of the C18 ZIP screen drive also ensures that the fabric is always pulled tight and that any natural changes in the length are compensated for. On the other hand, the fabric untensioning function can also be activated so as not to put unnecessary strain on the sensitive fabric. After all, there was one goal that we always had in mind when developing our drives: to make the operation of the application and the drive as careful as possible so you can enjoy your products for a long, long time. 

Features of our C18 drives:

Sensitive obstacle detection in the DOWN direction for optimal protection of the application and the obstruction

Blockage detection with multiple

Automatic shading solution length adjustment:
The shading
solution length is automatically
detected and corrected
by the drive

Fabric untensioning: The drive
protects the fabric by untensioning
it in the upper stop
limit position - function can be

Auto-install function: The drive
programs the limit positions

Soft upper stop: The application is optimally protected by the soft stopping

Popular control units for the
products in the C18 series:

Popular control units for ZIP screens with wired control


Sun/wind control unit with timer function

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Wind sensor for sun/wind control unit SWC62

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Sun/wind sensor for sun/wind control unit SWC62

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Sun/wind control unit SWC62 with sun/wind sensor SC81 in a practical set

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Popular radio control units for ZIP screens


Solar powered sun/wind/rain sensor with Centronic radio

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Sun/wind sensor with Centronic radio

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Hand-held transmitter with sun/wind threshold value setting

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1-channel wall transmitter

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