Centronic from Becker: smooth communication.

The products in the Centronic series from Becker are perfectly tailored to the error-free communication between transmitters and receivers in your smart home.. Depending on your preferences and programming, your roller shutter does exactly what you want, when you want – whether you’re at home or not. And you can even fit your roller shutter with a Centronic light sensor if you want. This detects the level of solar radiation independently and controls the operation of your roller shutter for you.

Features of our Centronic products:

Fit for Smart Home

Hand-held and wall transmitters for easy operation with up to 10 channels

Radio receivers for different conditions (flush mounted, surface mounted, outdoor installation etc.)

Comprehensive range of hand-held and wall transmitters and accessory products, e.g. light sensors

The right drive for your roller shutter:

Roller shutter drive with integrated Centronic radio.

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Popular control units in the Centronic series:


1-channel wall transmitter

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5-channel wall transmitter

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1-channel hand-held transmitter

Compatible with CentronicPlus and Centronic drives and receivers

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Radio light sensor

For installation on the window pane

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Flush-mounted radio receiver

For retrofitting existing drives (roller shutter, awning, blind) with Centronic radio and as a lighting control unit

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Control with the power of the sun - super-simple installation without power cables.

Powered by the sun.

Yes, automation can get even more sustainable: The SolarKit from Becker uses a solar panel to get its energy for the drive from the sun, meaning that you can operate your roller shutter or screen in an energy-efficient way without relying on the mains supply. Just one battery charge will last for 100 opening and closing cycles. The SolarKit is really simple to install in your roller shutter or screen without any prior electrical expertise, and is easy to operate via our Centronic radio control units. If required, you can even integrate sensors that respond to weather situations such as wind or sun and that open or close your shading solution accordingly. The easy-to-install SolarKit is particularly suitable for renovations as it does not require any power supply cables or control cables. Saving energy really can be that clever.

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