Home automation equates to quality of life

Remaining independent

As one grows older, one views many things with a more relaxed perspective. But at the same time, some things become more difficult: tugging on the roller shutter belt or extending the awning using a crank – all of this takes a lot of strength and can sometimes be painful. Nevertheless, you still value your independence within your own four walls. This is where state-of-the-art building automation technology comes in, as it can provide effective help with everyday challenges.

Overcome boundaries

Your roller shutters can be easily controlled via hand-held transmitter, timer, your wall transmitter’s memory function or your smart home solution. You can even keep the areas of your home under control that are hard to access, such as the cellar or the attic. And if you have limited mobility, Becker can make your life noticeably easier.

Technology for the home

Motorised drives and intelligent control units not only provide you with control over your roller shutters at all times. Do you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on your terrace? No problem: Just one click and your awning will provide you with shade with no need for tedious handle-winding. Do you want to be confident in the knowledge that all lights throughout the house are off at night? This is really easy to check and program via your central house control system. The possibilities are almost limitless, just like the freedom that you gain as a result.

Simple to operate

Perhaps you ask yourself: “What is the point in all this technology if I can't operate it?" Well, we’ll soon put your mind at rest on that point: in all our systems we set great store by making them easy to understand and user-friendly. Some of our products have even been awarded a seal of approval by the German Society for Gerontechnology (GGT). The aim is for people to carry on living their lives to the full despite advancing years.