Smart home systems

mediola and Becker. A smart duo.

The smart home solutions from mediola are the translators for your home. They make sure that all of the devices can understand one another and that you can control them from a central system. These devices include Becker drives for your roller shutters. If you are already using a mediola system and either Centronic or EnOcean drives from Becker, you’re already on the road to extra convenience because you can use the mediola apps to program, control and automate these Becker drives.

What mediola can do:

Fit for Smart Home

Programming and control of Becker products from the Centronic and EnOcean series

Two app versions for simple or advanced programming

Intuitive commissioning and management of all system components

Integration of various radio standards in a single app

Option of remote access via cloud service when out and about

Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Two powerful radio control systems:


The classic radio series from Becker: wide range of long range, control units. Tried and tested over many years and established in a large number of buildings.

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Open radio standard. Maintenance-free control via battery-free push-button.

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Centralised design. Versatile application.

Roller shutters

Light and sun exactly when and how you want it. With our roller shutter drives.

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Sun protection

If you’re looking to automate your shading solutions, we can explain just how to do this.

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Further applications

Window and door contacts, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, presence and motion detectors, garage doors, lighting, heating

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Flexible automation. And smart to boot.

It’s great when life is flexible – with the modern gateways from mediola, for example. The versatility of these devices means that you can control and automate the drive of your roller shutter or sun protection system so that it does exactly what you want it to. Whatever the time. Whatever the weather. And from anywhere in the world.

The EnOcean technology: Generating energy from the environment.

EnOcean uses the principle of energy harvesting. The energy required for the operation of the wireless sensors and push-buttons is generated using kinetic energy (when the push-button is pressed), light or temperature differences. There are currently millions of maintenance-free sensors being used in buildings all over the world - a solution that’s both sustainable and convenient.

Becker suits you!

As a specialist in drives and control units for roller shutters, sun protection systems, garage doors and more, Becker has a lot of products in its catalogue that will really help make your home a smart home. Find out more here or talk to your specialist retailer. 

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