Becker for manufacturers

Becker makes your product even better.


Does your company develop or sell products that feature a drive? If so, Becker will help you to design a drive and a control unit that have a high level of flexibility and that are just right for your product. We use our expertise to check your specific technical requirements and the feasibility of your project, and work with you to come up with the details. Once a prototype has demonstrated its capability, we take care of production in the required quantities as well as providing the reliable delivery of the product so that our products can be smoothly integrated into your manufacturing processes. This is what a good partnership looks like: customised, always available and a perfect fit.

Your quality is our ambition.

Your good reputation and your focus on top quality are your most important company values. We understand that, because it’s the same for us. With our high standards with regard to development, our strict testing criteria in every phase and a wide range of certifications, we are able to ensure that we can always deliver “Made in Germany” quality. And this also makes us a guarantor for your reliability as well as a quality seal for the high quality and durability of your products.

Passing the test - year after year.

Becker’s products and quality management system are regularly inspected and certified by internal and external bodies. These include:

These manufacturers count on Becker.

Our engineers have proven time and time again that they are fantastic at adapting to our partners’ requirements and product ideas. This allow us to use our expertise in the areas of drives and control units to support renowned manufacturers from an extremely wide range of sectors, whether in the form of products from series production or completely individual customer-specific products.

Because together it's easier: Our expertise for your projects.

We’ve been a household name in the area of roller shutter and sun protection automation for decades. But our drives are also used in other applications such as smoke and fire protection, pool coverings or greenhouses. Find out about the areas where our drives are getting things moving in the “Additional applications” section.

Further applications