Roller shutter systems

Becker radio control systems.

Just a power cable; no cable ducts for the control unit. Just a transmitter and receiver. The Becker radio control systems for your roller shutter drive.

Becker radio control systems: Quality at a high frequency.

Send and receive. Control and give commands. Open and close. And all of this completely automatically while you sit back and put your feet up. The Becker radio control systems for your roller shutter automation do the work for you. You can adjust the settings and program the systems via an app on your smartphone or tablet or using the Becker wall and hand-held transmitters. And depending on the radio series, it may also be possible to do this via the Apple HomeKit, the AVM FRITZ!App Smart Home, the AVM FRITZ!Fon or devices from other providers. This keeps your roller shutters moving, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: relaxing.

More security

Secure operation and secure protection against burglary – go to sleep and wake up in peace with Becker-Antriebe.

Save energy

A pleasant indoor climate meets energy-efficient living – a combination with a promising future.

More convenience

Timer, light sensors, app control and lots more – just really convenient!

An overview of Becker
radio products.

Fit for Smart Home


Our latest radio development - the evolution of the Centronic. Even more powerful. With feedback function.

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The classic radio series from Becker: wide range of long range, control units. Tried and tested over many years and established in a large number of buildings.  

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Open radio standard. Maintenance-free control via battery-free push-button.

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Control your roller shutter with your existing FRITZ!BOX. Eliminates the need for a gateway.

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The bidirectional radio control system based on the open radio standard KNX-RF.

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Some highlights from our radio world:


The intelligent roller shutter and sun protection central control system

Compatible with CentronicPlus, Centronic and B-Tronic drives and receivers

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homee CentronicPLUS Cube

Connects your CentronicPlus products to the homee smart home world

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1, 8 or16-channel hand-held transmitter

Compatible with CentronicPlus drives and receivers

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1-channel wall transmitter

Compatible with CentronicPlus and Centronic drives and receivers

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5-channel wall transmitter

Compatible with CentronicPlus and Centronic drives and receivers

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Flush-mounted radio receiver

Connects existing drives for roller shutters and sun protection systems (e.g. awning, blind/shutter), lighting and many other applications to the Centronic radio world

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Compatible with Becker BoxCTRL drives (D01 series) via the FRITZ!Box.

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OPUS® greenNet wall transmitter

Battery-free and maintenance-free wall transmitter consisting of wall transmitter module, rocker and frame.
Compatible with Becker EnOcean drives (N01 series)

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1-channel hand-held transmitter

Compatible with Becker Btronic drives and receivers (B01 series)

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Control with the power of the sun - super-simple installation without power cables.

Powered by the sun.

Yes, automation can get even more sustainable: The SolarKit from Becker uses a solar panel to get its energy for the drive from the sun, meaning that you can operate your roller shutter or screen in an energy-efficient way without relying on the mains supply. Just one battery charge will last for 100 opening and closing cycles. The SolarKit is really simple to install in your roller shutter or screen and is easy to operate via our Centronic radio control units. If required, you can even integrate sensors that respond to weather situations such as wind or sun and that open or close your shading solution accordingly. The easy-to-install SolarKit is particularly suitable for renovations as it does not require any power supply cables or control cables. Saving energy really can be that clever.

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