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The vision of automation.


As an architect and building planner, you are judged by how well you are able to make your ideas and your work both future-oriented and practical. This requires intelligent solutions. Becker can help you to make your vision of an automated home or building a feasible possibility. When you are preparing for a tender or carrying out planning work, we can provide you with concrete solutions and technical data for you to prove that your concept works. That it’s convenient to operate and economically efficient, and that it complies with the common standards and has an energy-efficient design. 

We spell vision with an R. For reliability.

Working in a visionary way also means ensuring the durability of your planning solution for the future. And this is why Becker is such a good match. With long product service lives, series that are optimised for various applications and our commitment to “Made in Germany” engineering quality, we are able to demonstrate that the “smart” in your smart home concept stands for more than just intelligent control. It also stands for smart reliability.

SMI: Open to everyone.

Many European manufacturers are already putting their faith in SMI. This standard interface for electronic drives guarantees device compatibility, making it really easy to integrate roller shutters and sun protections into building automation networks, for example.

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EnOcean: A phenomenon.

Surprise your customers – with light switches and radio sensors that don’t need batteries and that can be positioned wherever they are needed. They get their energy from changing energy states in the environment, making it possible to transmit radio signals, control various devices and also save on wiring harnesses. The name of this phenomenon? EnOcean. And EnOcean drives from Becker.

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A successful project thanks to SMI

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EnOcean roller shutter drives

cost savings for buildings & integration into Apple HomeKit systems

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Factory N°09 – A modern office concept in a former factory

The modern workplaces at Villeroy & Boch’s new office and conference centre have been equipped with a sophisticated fire protection solution from KGG Brandschutzsysteme GmBH and Becker-Antriebe GmbH

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Your specialist for drives.

“Made in Germany" quality.

We are driven by our commitment to developing solutions of the highest quality for you. This extends from the initial idea to the development, and right through to production and testing: We set ourselves the most stringent quality requirements at every step. And we use testing criteria that exceed the statutory specifications and DIN requirements.
It’s not just your satisfaction that we’re aiming for here. The reliability and durability of our products is our way of contributing to sustainability and the conscious and considerate use of our resources.

Quality since 1921