New shade concept for a beach bar

Automatic protection against the sun and storms:

The beach bar Strandgut 33 in Nöda in the district of Sömmerda in Thuringia is situated on an…

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“Fit for Smart Home”: Becker-Antriebe presents new products on its roadshow

What can you do when trade fairs and conferences are not being held as usual due to the coronavirus restrictions? To nevertheless stay connected with…

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100 years of Becker-Antriebe GmbH is cause for celebration

Becker-Antriebe GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of drives and control units for the automation of roller shutters and sun protection systems as…

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Renovate with the EnOcean world of solutions

Battery-free and easy to install

The vocational school teacher Jens Maage only started renovating his house that was built in the 1970s last year.…

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An interview with Projekt F Fenster:

“Because the product range is logically structured and the products are perfectly matched with one another.”

The specialist company Projekt F…

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