SolarKit SK460

SolarKit: Driven by sunlight.

Sustainability is the word of the hour. This is why Becker has developed the SolarKit, to offer you a solution that allows you to operate your roller shutter or screen using energy from the sun. It’s incredibly easy to install and its energy-efficiency speaks for itself. You can open your shading solution and close it again at least 100 times with just one battery charge, although the battery will be recharged long before this point thanks to the solar panel directly on the drive. Communication with your Centronic transmitter is of course conducted via radio, meaning that there is no need to lay any cables. Really simple – and rather brilliant.

Features of our SolarKit:

For roller shutter and screen applications

Supports sensors in roller shutters and screen

Compatible with Centronic radio control units

1 battery charge = 100 operating cycles

Control and charging electronics installed in the drive

Two freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed

Blockage detection

Reduces risk of burglary

Minimal noise development

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