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Thanks to our DC-powered drive systems, pool covers can be moved effortlessly. This creates several advantages that swimming and bathing enthusiasts can enjoy all year round.

Drives for pool covers are characterised by increased protection class and thus high resistance to water. To ensure that the roller shutter cover can glide effortlessly over the water, a low speed and a high torque are required. Similarly, the high weight of the wound up must be held securely. All these requirements are met by the drives from Becker and you can rely on the reliability - Made in Germany.


Our tubular drives for your application:

  • Roller shutter covers
  • Pool covers


Leaves, pollen or even insects are kept away from the pool cover. This means the pool stays cleaner and needs to be cleaned less often. This saves time and money.


Less pollution and heat loss from the pool also means time and energy savings.


A pool cover has an insulating effect and prevents unnecessary cooling. This is comfortable and saves heating costs at the same time.


With an automated pool cover, neither humans nor animals can fall into the water unintentionally. The risk of accidents is significantly reduced.

Our tubular drives for your application:

Roller shutter covers

Pool covers

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Extended Applications

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Extended Applications