The SK460 harnesses the sun’s energy to control roller shutters and screens

This SolarKit from Becker enables mains-free automation of roller shutters and screens
What do ecological sustainability and modern building automation have in common? They are of course both integral components of smart home solutions. Becker is now once again combining both of these aspects in a highly sophisticated reciprocal relationship in the new SK460 SolarKit. It uses a solar panel to draw energy from the sun and can thus provide power to roller shutters and screens independently of the mains electricity grid. The system has two different modes for these specific applications – roller shutter or screen – which precisely adapt the drive to meet the requirements of the relevant system.

Easy to install, simple to control and efficient to operate
The SK460 makes automated living extremely easy: Instead of spending valuable time completing laborious cabling work, the SK460 SolarKit – which consists of a DC drive, solar panel, rechargeable battery and the required installation accessories – can be directly fitted to the roller shutter or screen element. Due to its compact design, the solar panel can be easily fitted on top of the relevant box. This is especially true for built-on or top-mounted boxes, although the SolarKit can also be used to easily operate roller shutters and screens installed in built-in boxes.

A real highlight is the fact that there is no need to carry out any inconvenient drilling work to connect internal switches with the exterior components because it is possible to operate the screens or roller shutters in a really convenient way using the Centronic remote control system. Yet this mains-free SolarKit is not only extraordinarily reliable when it comes to its functionality, but also extremely energy efficient and reduces any losses to an absolute minimum. One single battery charge is thus capable of completing more than 100 operating cycles.

Tried-and-tested features for the best possible smart home experience
To ensure that the SK460 does not just deliver a high – but rather the highest – standard of privacy and sun protection, it is also equipped with other smart functions. Anybody who wants to avoid being blinded by the low lying sun in the evening, but nevertheless still wants to allow enough sunlight into the room, is able to programme two freely selectable intermediate positions.

For additional security, rigid wave connectors can also be used to prevent the roller shutter from being lifted up – providing powerful protection against burglary. The SolarKit also features an automatic blockage detection function that reliably protects roller shutters and screens if they collide with any foreign objects.

In addition, it is possible to integrate sensors into the system in screen mode that respond to gusts of wind, rain or sunlight and lower or raise the screen as required. Incidentally, sunlight sensors can also be used in roller shutter mode. The system is thus able to cater to the individual preferences of smart home fans thanks to its modern automation technology, resource-saving sustainability and high level of convenience.

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