CentronicPLUS – the latest addition to the Becker wireless systems

The mesh system with bi-directional feedback is quick to install
The Becker family is getting some reinforcement: A new wireless generation called CentronicPlus is being added to the two established systems Centronic and B-Tronic with immediate effect. This new system stands out due to one very special feature: “Our CentronicPlus system combines all of the connected devices in a sort of network – which is generated by the devices themselves in a completely independent way”, explains Maik Wiegelmann, Head of the Becker Academy.

Reliability through communication
This type of network is described as a “self-healing” mesh network in specialist circles. Every device knows all of the other devices in the network. Information is transmitted between the devices – in contrast to other solutions where the individual devices are isolated from one another and only communicate with a central control unit. This offers one decisive advantage: As the individual devices communicate with one another, the wireless command is able to take its own path, which increases the range of the signal enormously.

Bi-directional and backwards compatible
This clever solution from Becker also stands out due to the fact that it is backwards compatible with many transmitters and sensors in the Centronic II series. This makes any laborious and costly retrofitting work unnecessary. “The fact that both systems can work in parallel is something that only we can offer”, emphasises Maik Wiegelmann. “Naturally, CentronicPlus is also highly secure thanks to AES-128 encryption and transmits on an interference-free radio frequency of 868 MHz.” The status of the connected devices can be displayed immediately because CentronicPlus is a bi-directional wireless system. Users can view this information on the hand-held transmitter with its multi-colour LED display or also on an app in combination with Becker's CentralControl CC41 home control unit or its predecessors the CC31 and CC51. The CC41 integrates the CentronicPlus wireless system into a single application and combines all of the Becker wireless systems in one smart home app that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet even when the user is out and about.

Clever features make it easy to use
The experts for smart home automation believe that one of the most important aspects for all of its solutions is easy operation. And CentronicPlus also sets new standards in this area. The system can be set up at the push of a button and the individual drives connect up to the system almost by themselves to form a functioning network. If you want to add a new device, the system automatically detects it and also the type of receiver it uses. You don’t even need to give a second thought to jobs such as distributing important information about the receivers, e.g. the name of the device, across the network because CentronicPlus can handle this task all by itself.

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