Die Geschäftsführung von Becker Antriebe und ein altes Gruppenfoto aus dem 20. Jahrhundert zeigt Gesellen

Welcome to BECKER
Internationally active.

At a glance

  • Founded: 1921
  • Headquarters: Sinn, Hesse
  • Managing Directors: Hans-Joachim Wiegelmann, Jürgen Timm
  • Employees in Germany: approx. 230
  • Employees overseas: over 100
  • Subsidiaries: Benelux, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovakia
  • Collaborative partners: in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Quality certification: DIN EN ISO 9001

BECKER yesterday. BECKER today.

Way back in 1921 the two founders of the company, Emil and Adolf Becker, were working on ideas that were intended to relieve their customers of work and effort. The company existed in close proximity to its customers, and this helped it to constantly carry on developing and growing. A particular milestone in our company history is the year 1965. That was when the decision was taken to start developing and manufacturing door drives and the associated control units specifically for industrial applications.

In 1971 we extended our product range by adding tubular drives for roller shutters and sun protection systems. We also started developing and producing electrical and electronic control equipment.

With B-Tronic and our CentralControl home automation system we are taking another important step towards the future – and can provide people with even better quality of life, increased safety and comfort. This is achieved through intelligent automation systems that make life simpler.

The company is now run by Emil Becker's grandson, Hans-Joachim Wiegelmann, in partnership with Jürgen Timm. We have grown into an international company, yet still manage to retain the culture of a family business in which responsibility and quality are highly valued. This is one of the reasons that we remain faithful to our site in Sinn, Hesse, where the company was founded, while we continue to manufacture our products in Germany.

For our activities concerning Research and development we are honored with the seal "Innovativ through Research" by the "Stifterverband".


BECKER was established on 7 May 1921. Emil and Adolf Becker spent the following years setting up the company together.

1965 was an important year in the history of our company. That was when the decision was taken to start developing and manufacturing door drives and the associated control units specifically for industrial applications. This was a key step towards our future.

In 1971 we extended our product range by adding electrical drives for roller shutters and sun protection systems. Another significant milestone on the road to the future was the development and manufacture of electrical and electronic control equipment.

For the first time we could supply tubular drives with electronic limit switching, thereby providing our customers with greater functionality in their applications, among other things.

These first drives with electronic limit switching and integrated radio receiver form part of our product range.

Our Centronic product series (radio applications) was launched on the market.

For our Centronic-II product series we received the "red dot" design award.

In 2013, Becker launched its B-Tronic home automation system and has since been breaking new ground. This represents another milestone in the development of the company.

In 2015, we opened our new logistics and dispatch centre, thereby expanding our headquarters in Sinn.

Today, Emil Becker’s grandson, Hans-

Joachim Wiegelmann, runs the company

together with Jürgen Timm. In the meantime,

we have become an internationally

recognized provider offering large scale

capacities: Over 600,000 drives for roller

shutters, sun protection systems and

special solutions leave our production

facilities each year. While these

automation solutions tended to be a luxury

item in the past, smart home solutions are

now changing the world. An increasing

number of people enjoy this new way of

living and want to make their lives easier.

At home all over the world

Our head office is in Sinn, Germany, and we have many other branches to serve our customers around Europe. We also work alongside representatives and permanent partners around the world.

We help people in all four corners of the world to make their lives more comfortable and safe – with our "Made in Germany" drives and control units.

You can access further information on our branches all over the world by clicking on any of the indicated sites.