Colour-coded display of receiver status

The newly refined CentronicPlus radio generation from BECKER stands out thanks to its new design and varied control options. The drive is able to report its status using bidirectional radio. The high-quality hand-held transmitter with multicolour LEDs indicates the feedback from the receivers being addressed – for simple and even clearer operation that outshines all of the standard devices.


Automatic networking of all devices

More intelligent than ever before: the mesh technology allows individual drives to connect to a powerful network automatically. One-button learn-in: a receiver can be added to the mesh network at the touch of a button, so there is no longer any need for a master transmitter. All drives remain reliably networked – for a new dimension of connectivity.


Transmission reliability and data encryption at the highest level

Keep up to date at all times, wherever you are: CentronicPlus ensures a constant connection between the transmitter and the receiver – the radio signal can reach the drive not only directly from the transmitter but also via another drive. The powerful radio frequency and high-security encryption ensure uninterrupted enjoyment and maximum security.


  • Colour-coded LEDs indicating the status of the receivers being addressed
  • Reliable bidirectional radio
  • Interference-resistant radio frequency (868 MHz)
  • High-security encryption with AES-128
  • Extremely simple management thanks to the automatic detection of new devices and the receiver type (e.g. roller shutter, awning, radio socket)
  • Compatible with a large number of control units from the Centronic II series
  • One-button learn-in: simple commissioning and detection of all participants by pressing the programming button on the hand-held transmitter
  • No need for a separate master transmitter
  • Modern design


The new radio generation from BECKER brings colour into life. And amazes with intelligent radio that outshines all of the standard devices.

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