Our systems for energy conservation

Protect your (indoor) climate 

and save

Pleasant temperatures

When the sun really gets on top of its game in the summer and starts producing record temperatures, on the one hand that is, of course, cause to celebrate. But there is also a downside: living spaces can soon become unpleasantly warm, especially if they have large windows. But even when it's 35°C in the shade outside, you can look forward to a beautifully cool home when you return from work, shopping or a trip out. That's because even when you're out, sophisticated sensor technology enables your roller shutters and awning to detect when the sunshine is too intense and it's time to close or extend respectively. In this way, not only are you protecting the contents of your home from ultra-violet rays, which can adversely affect floors, fabrics and plants, but you are also saving the expense of an energy-intensive air-conditioning system.

Ecologically responsible

A further benefit is that in winter your roller shutters reliably keep the cold outside and prevent precious heat being lost via the windows. This takes the pressure off both your heating system and your wallet: you can achieve an energy saving of up to 15 percent with automated roller shutters. Everyone is a winner – and that includes the environment as well as future generations.

Convenient investment

You won't increase the value of your property just by improving the energy balance. There is also an immediate payoff in terms of enhancing your quality of life. You may be sitting on the sofa or at your desk when the sun moves low in the sky and dazzles you unpleasantly. All it takes is a quick click of the mouse and the roller shutters or awning will automatically rectify the problem.