EVO series

EVO from Becker: The silent champion

The EVO series from Becker has one particular feature that will be particularly appreciated by many home-owners: It’s remarkably quiet thanks to BLDC technology. We have perfected the technical characteristics of the drive so that you have to listen really closely to hear them. EVO has three different travel profiles to chose from. The drive is quieter than conventional drives even in standard operation, where the drive travels slowly before speeding up and then braking again shortly before reaching the limit position. In dynamic operation, the drive travels at full speed in order to open terrace doors quickly, for example. The drive is at its quietest in silent operation. And by quiet we mean like a mouse. Operation is carried out in the traditional way via wired push-button, whereas our app provides useful options for convenient commissioning if using the Bluetooth version. It’s our silent champion.



Features of our Evo drives:

Ultra-quiet running thanks to BLDC technology (brushless DC)

Evolution technology makes it possible to choose a variety of different travel profiles: Standard, dynamic or silent operation

Optional: Integrated Bluetooth® interface allows for configuration via the smartphone app

Sensitive obstacle detection in the DOWN direction for optimal protection of the application and the obstruction

Blockage detection: Switches off in the event of obstructions (e.g. due to freezing) and torque increases

Soft upper stop: The application is optimally protected by the soft stopping

The Evo travel profiles:

Standard driving profile

In this mode, the drive starts slowly, then gradually picks up speed until it is running at maximum speed. It then slows down again to reach its end position.

Whisper driving profile

The drive travels at a consistently slow speed until it reaches its end position. This ensures even quieter running, making it the perfect setting for a child’s bedroom.

Dynamic driving profile

With more revolutions per minute, the drive increases the speed in this travel profile. The roller shutter is raised quickly until the end position is reached.

EVO in the Bluetooth version.

The app, which was specially developed for the EVO series, makes the process really convenient, with a wide range of individual adjustment options designed to make operation child’s play.

Complete control with the Becker Service app:

  • Adjustment of different travel profiles (standard, whisper or dynamic)
  • Definition of ramping in the standard profile: when should the drive speed up and when should it brake?
  • Speed setting (fast or slow)
  • Switching the fly screen protection function that protects your fly screen door from damage on or off
  • Switching the freeze protection function that protects your roller shutter from freezing solid in winter on or off
  • Display of software version


Free download from the App Store
or from Google Play.

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