Escape Set/E22 series

Escape Set from Becker: For a safe route outside

Our Escape Set  is probably the only Becker product that we hope you never have to use. In extreme situations in a building, however, having a second escape route is both sensible and something that is increasingly required by specifications. It needs to enable people to escape outside even when the power has failed. 

This is where the Escape Set from Becker comes in. The set makes sure that you can easily operate your roller shutter using a crank even in the event of a power failure. The centrepiece of the Escape Set is our E22 roller shutter drive, which looks at first glance like a completely normal roller shutter drive with all of the Becker convenience functions. But the E22 has even more up its sleeve. Thanks to its special intelligence, the drive automatically finds its limit positions again after being operated by crank - whether this was for a genuine reason or just because the kids were playing with the handle. This makes the Escape Set a reliable, economical and completely maintenance-free solution to the problem of the second escape route. 

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