Full control with your AVM FRITZ!Box.

Do you have an AVM FRITZ!Box at home? Perfect. This will make it really easy for you to automate your roller shutter, as we have found a way of turning your router into a cockpit for the control of your roller shutter: our BoxCTRL drives. These drives were specially designed for the AVM FRITZ!Box and can be operated via your FRITZ!DECT wireless push-button, the FRITZ!App Smart Home, your FRITZ!Fon or a wired push-button. The best thing is that our BoxCTRL drives comes with a few features designed to make the automation of your roller shutter extremely smooth: From sensitive obstacle detection that can gently stop the roller shutter to the integration of your push-buttons. It works extremely well and reduces costs as there is no need for a separate gateway.

Features of our BoxCTRL drives:

Fit for Smart Home

Powerful DECT-ULE radio standard

No third-party gateways or similar devices are needed

Simple connection between the drive and the AVM FRITZ!Box

Professional tradespeople always on hand near you

Option to change your smart home settings yourself at any time and with flexibility

Powered by router? Smart!

You’ve got the roller shutter and the router – we’ve got the perfect drive to link the two worlds together. With the devices in our BoxCTRL series, you can power your roller shutter while also having access to a system that communicates effectively with your AVM FRITZ!Box. So your router becomes a control centre for the automation of your roller shutter. It's as simple as that. With no additional gateways. Just wonderfully clever.

More about BoxCTRL:

Our BoxCTRL info page contains all of the information you need when planning the automation of your roller shutter using your AVM FRITZ!Box as well as when selecting products and putting them into operation. Find a specialist retailer or discover our online store!


Your router as smart home central controller.

With the FRITZ!Box, you don’t just have a router in the home; it also forms the foundation of a smart home system. With the matching FRITZ!Box and the FRITZ!App Smart Home, FRITZ! Smart Home devices can be controlled both at home and when out and about.


The right drive for your roller shutter:

Rollladenantrieb mit integriertem DECT-ULE-Funk


Zur BoxCTRL-Antriebsserie (D01)

Popular control units in the BoxCTRL series:


Four-way button with temperature display for controlling up to 6 BoxCTRL drives

To the product


One-way button for transmitting UP-STOP-DOWN commands

To the product


Ultra-precise roller shutter control with the FRITZ!Fon C6 or C5

AVM FRITZ!App Smart Home

Download the free app for setting up, controlling and programming your roller shutter drives from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

A successful project thanks to SMI

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