Teaser Bild für automatisierte Rollladen

Our shutter drives:
Security and comfort, simply on command.

Your drive for smart living, set easily in motion.

If you want to smart live, you have to be able to trust in your systems that adapt to individual requirements and living conditions. To meet these requirements with maximum flexibility, not only smart control systems are required. Also indispensable are powerful and intelligent roller shutter drives that are committed solutions that are completely customized for you.

With Becker you can choose from several variants of our roller shutter drives. You decide how to get your roller shutters moving. Cable-connected drives are usually operated via a wall transmitter, the radio drives shutter drive is usually operated via a wireless hand transmitter.

In connection with CentralControl, your commands can be transmitted via Alexa® voice control or via a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, PC or notebook). The only condition is that a functioning Internet connection is available.


3 reasons for roller shutters drives from Becker



Unnecessary operations such as irritating manual lowering of the roller shutter can be saved -> everything works by itself


Energy performance

In summer, the rooms do not heat unnecessary. In winter you save heating costs.



Breaking and and protection from unwanted views.


Maximum safety, programmed in next to no time

Once your roller shutters are up and moving, they are clever to regulate themselves and not to become " hilarious ". In other words: every roller shutter drive equipped with sensitive obstacle detection stops the shutdown as soon as it detects a source of interference such as flower boxes or the equivalent.

In this way neither man or material is damaged. Because safety is also a top priority at Becker. Antifreeze protection, intrusion protection, individual programming via a timer function, parallel switching without additional control and many other innovative functions round off the profile of Becker drives.


EVO: Silent partner for quiet moments

If you and your family place the highest value on calm and particularly restful silence, then the Becker roller shutter drive EVO series is the right choice. Configurable settings of driving profiles (standard, quiet or dynamic) give you the possibility to reduce the noise level in your home to a minimum by using a key combination including switch or a free app.

This is made possible by the flexibility to set the speed (slow or fast) of the drive. The EVO drives app developed especially does not only provide individual setting options, but also guarantees intuitive and very easy operation.


"Your comfort is our motivation - trouble-free, upgradable and intelligent "

You have already installed roller shutter drives and would like to retrofit them to radio without replacing all of them? Then external radio receivers, which are simply connected between the wall switch and the drive. They transmit the signal from your central home automation system to the drive reliably.

New construction, renovation or modernisation: Our roller shutter drives consider everything that you may forget - without having to have a bad conscience.

For example, you can always be certain of sensitive obstacle detection: If your roller shutter hits an obstacle, such as a flower box, the drive stops the shutdown completely by itself, thus protecting your installation.


Ein Kind sitzt auf einer Fensterbank und sonnt sich. Das Rollo ist zur Hälfte heruntergefahren.

Wired drives and radio drives for your roller shutters from BECKER

Produktkategorie Basis Rohrantriebe

Basic setup

  • Smooth, quiet running
  • Compatible with all common roller shutter shafts
  • Also suitable for automating roller shutters on very narrow windows
Produktkategorie Komfort Rohrantriebe

Convenient setup

  • Protected by a sensitive obstruction detection system (incl. fly screen protection function)
  • Blockage detection in both UP and DOWN directions (anti-freeze mechanism)
  • Automatic detection of limit positions (top and bottom)
  • Soft upper stop
  • Optional built-in anti-lifting device to prevent unwanted opening from outside (break-in prevention)
Produktkategorie Premium Rohrantriebe

Premium setup

  • Automatic increase of the pressing force with anti-lifting devices
  • Automatic detection of limit positions (top and bottom)
  • Interference-immune radio frequency (868.3 MHz)
  • Groups are simple to create, modify and extend without the cost associated with wiring
  • Integrated memory function for automatic opening and closing
  • Long range


Frequently asked questions.

Does the obstacle detection of the roller shutters also protect against personal injury?

The sensitive obstacle detection of our drives naturally does not only react to objects such as forgotten toys or a flower pot. The protective mechanism is designed to stop automatically whenever resistance is registered - so that you can always be sure that your little explorers are always on the safe side.

How exactly does the freeze protection work?

By activating the anti-freezing protection on your drive with electronic limit switching, it becomes more difficult for the roller shutter to freeze in the upper end position. This function prevents it from touching the top - the roller shutter stops just before the top stop, which makes it more difficult for it to freeze. The distance to the stop is checked cyclically and corrected if necessary.

Can the roller shutter systems also be retrofitted?

Yes. Retrofitting from roller shutters is possible at any time without any problems. Existing basic equipment can also be extended to comfort and premium equipment.