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Roller shutters controls from Becker.
Automation that makes life easy.


Comfort by a click: Roller shutters controls from Becker

Automated systems for your home make your roller shutters much more than ordinary sun protection. The advantages of intelligent roller shutter control systems from Becker are many and varied and help you to take care of yourself. We offer you solutions that combine everything from increased personal comfort and security and savings on energy costs, which is automatically controlled roller shutters.

Modern home automation systems like central roller shutter from Becker not only ensure luxury and comfort, but also make sure that you can take care of the important things in life with the easiest programming. All without any inconvenient of spaghetti cables.


3 reasons for roller shutters controls from Becker


Unnecessary operations such as irritating manual lowering of the roller shutter can be saved -> everything works by itself

Energy performance

In summer, the rooms do not heat unnecessary. In winter you save heating costs.


Breaking and and protection from unwanted views.



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Everything is on your command: How? You decide yourself.

To ensure that nothing interferes with your everyday life, Becker offers you a selection of hand transmitters and wall-mounted transmitters adapted to your needs. These do exactly what you need: Follow your commands.

If you want to move your roller shutters simply and independently at the push of a button or if you prefer to sit back and pre-configure the "work" by a timer is totally up to you. If you want to have it very comfortable, you can control your home via the CentralControl automation system - in addition to roller shutters, sun protection, etc., you can also integrate systems from other manufacturers - it made possible by the KNX radio standard.

Various scenarios can be created, for example, by Alexa command on the way via smartphone or tablet with our CentralControl. Interference-resistant frequencies find the way directly to your comfort at any time.


Experience becomes responsibility - so that you can sit back

With such a wide range of possibilities, one thing is clear: When it comes to choosing the right choice of central roller shutter , you should never do without professional advice. At Becker, you benefit from decades of experience, the desire to progress and our personal concern to make your life easier with intelligent solutions for controlling roller shutters.

"Our life as a family is pretty turbulent. Until everyone is out of the house in the morning and back in bed in the evening, I often have to think of a thousand things. Luckily, our roller shutters are not one of them. They go up and down on their own, just as I like."

As varied the differences between wire and radio control systems are the individual control modules provide a wide range of options to meet your personal requirements. The most important thing? That you have it as easily as possible. Discover the many possibilities.

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What is the right roller shutter control for you?

To profit from the quality of our products is one thing, to meet 100% your special wishes is the other. This is precisely why Becker work closely with our partners in the dealer network. So you can be sure to make the right decision when choosing your roller shutter control. In addition, you will enjoy a service specially adapted to your needs - from optimum advice and the professional installation of our drives to the individual provision of the desired control system. These are each available to you in three different versions, both wired and radio-controlled.

Learn more about our control systems, the advantages of uni- and bidirectional solutions, drives with mechanical or electronic limit switching and much more. Whatever you want: With Becker roller blinds and sun protections roll automatically according to your requirements.

Bedrahtete Steuerungen

Produktkategorie drahtgebundene Steuerung

Wired control units for your roller shutters from BECKER

Produktkategorie Basis drahtgebundene Steuerung

Basic setup

  • Can be used as latched or push-button switch
  • Can be integrated in different switch ranges
  • One function per button: Up, Stop, Down
Produktkategorie Komfort drahtgebundene Steuerung

Convenient setup

  • Memory function – programming switching times is child's play
  • Intelligent push-button with maintained operation
  • Choice between manual and automatic timer control
Produktkategorie Premium drahtgebundene Steuerung

Premium setup

  • Many preconfigured functions
  • Astro and holiday function
  • Easy to operate
  • Power reserve in case of power failure (programmed times remain programmed)
  • Light sensor (optional) to control brightness


Produktkategorie Funksteuerung

Radio control units for your roller shutters from BECKER

Basic setup

  • 1- and 5-channel hand-held transmitter with wall bracket
  • 1 roller shutter or a group of drives can be controlled on each channel
  • 2 freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
Produktkategorie Komfort Funksteuerung

Convenient setup

  • Memory function – programming switching times is child's play
  • Radio remote control of a roller shutter or a group of drives
  • Groups are easy to create and change
  • Can be integrated in many common switching ranges
Produktkategorie Premium Funksteuerung

Premium setup

  • 5 drives / groups that can be operated separately
  • "All" central channel
  • Many preconfigured functions
  • Astro function for the evening – for automatic closure at sunset
  • Holiday function – simulates an occupied house
  • Running times can be set individually (timer)
  • Also available as a 10-channel system – timers can be set on a channel-by-channel basis
  • Light sensor for automatic shading when the sunlight is too strong, wireless installation with integrated glass breakage sensor



Frequently asked questions.


What is the memory function?

With the aid of specially configured switching times, the memory function reminds your shutters when to open or close themselves.

Are Becker roller shutter controls compatible with other manufacturers?

Radio control systems are compatible with the systems of other manufacturers via CentralControl, that have the KNX radio standard.

How can costs be saved with roller shutter automation from Becker?

The correct use of a central roller shutter system also serves as dynamic insulation in winter, energy costs can be actively saved here by up to 15%. Inversely, in the cold months, pleasant sunshine is a natural and free source of heating, which allows you to set the temperature controller quietly lower. Automatically controlled timers or advanced sensors make it possible.

What is the astro and holiday function?

The Astro function allows your roller shutter to open automatically at sunrise and close again at sunset. The holiday function simulates your presence. Especially if you are away from home for a prolonged period this proves to be a clever function against intruders.