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Automation of roller shutters:
Security, comfort and efficiency all in one.

Home Smart Home: Feel-good guarantee, completely automatically.

Whether your home should be equipped with automated roller shutters? Absolutely! And for several reasons. The advantages of our easy-to-control roller shutters offer more than ordinary sun protection. For you, your family and your furniture. With a comprehensive security technology, your windows are also protected against uninvited guests.

An automated roller shutter not only guarantees special protection. It also protects your privacy and prevents rooms from unwanted looks. They also support efficient energy consumption, where your energy heating costs are reduced by up to 15%.

With individually adjustable timer commands, you not only have the climate and solar radiation in your hands at any time of the year - with the integrated astro function of our controllers, you can also determine yourself when the sun "rises".

Day or night, summer or winter, by radio or wired control, via smartphone or at the touch of a button - you decide what is most appropriate for you.



With Becker the automation of roller shutters becomes child's play

Day and night, summer and winter - at your home everything centers around you. Your comfort, your safety. And the assurance that everything is under control. Automatically or at the touch of a button you can easily control when your roller shutters open or close. With Becker, all options are open to you: central roller shutter control, roller shutter control by radio, timer or button - you decide what is best for you.

With IVRSA-Check: Get the best of your automatic roller shutters

You can not decide to let quality be the result of chance when buying a home automation concept. Or you can trust in the optimum - tested, proven, certified. With us, the latest state of the art is standard.

For this reason, the Industrial Association for Roller Shutters and Sun Protection Automation (IVRSA) determines the guidelines that apply and to which we also commit ourselves. Because your absolute satisfaction, your roller shutter automation system should focus on one thing : maximum satisfaction.

Roller shutters controls

Wired or by radio

To the roller shutter controls


Shutter drives

Your drive for smart living, set in motion easily.

To the roller shutter drives

Wired controls

Produktkategorie drahtgebundene Steuerung

Wired control units for your roller shutters from BECKER

Produktkategorie Basis drahtgebundene Steuerung

Basic setup

  • Can be used as latched or push-button switch
  • Can be integrated in different switch ranges
  • One function per button: Up, Stop, Down
Produktkategorie Komfort drahtgebundene Steuerung

Convenient setup

  • Memory function – programming switching times is child's play
  • Intelligent push-button with maintained operation
  • Choice between manual and automatic timer control
Produktkategorie Premium drahtgebundene Steuerung

Premium setup

  • Many preconfigured functions
  • Astro and holiday function
  • Easy to operate
  • Power reserve in case of power failure (programmed times remain programmed)
  • Light sensor (optional) to control brightness

Radio controls

Produktkategorie Funksteuerung

Radio control units for your roller shutters from BECKER

Basic setup

  • 1- and 5-channel hand-held transmitter with wall bracket
  • 1 roller shutter or a group of drives can be controlled on each channel
  • 2 freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
Produktkategorie Komfort Funksteuerung

Convenient setup

  • Memory function – programming switching times is child's play
  • Radio remote control of a roller shutter or a group of drives
  • Groups are easy to create and change
  • Can be integrated in many common switching ranges
Produktkategorie Premium Funksteuerung

Premium setup

  • 5 drives / groups that can be operated separately
  • "All" central channel
  • Many preconfigured functions
  • Astro function for the evening – for automatic closure at sunset
  • Holiday function – simulates an occupied house
  • Running times can be set individually (timer)
  • Also available as a 10-channel system – timers can be set on a channel-by-channel basis
  • Light sensor for automatic shading when the sunlight is too strong, wireless installation with integrated glass breakage sensor


Ein Kind sitzt auf einer Fensterbank und sonnt sich. Das Rollo ist zur Hälfte heruntergefahren.

Wired drives and radio drives for your roller shutters from BECKER

Produktkategorie Basis Rohrantriebe

Basic setup

  • Smooth, quiet running
  • Compatible with all common roller shutter shafts
  • Also suitable for automating roller shutters on very narrow windows
Produktkategorie Komfort Rohrantriebe

Convenient setup

  • Protected by a sensitive obstruction detection system (incl. fly screen protection function)
  • Blockage detection in both UP and DOWN directions (anti-freeze mechanism)
  • Automatic detection of limit positions (top and bottom)
  • Soft upper stop
  • Optional built-in anti-lifting device to prevent unwanted opening from outside (break-in prevention)
Produktkategorie Premium Rohrantriebe

Premium setup

  • Automatic increase of the pressing force with anti-lifting devices
  • Automatic detection of limit positions (top and bottom)
  • Interference-immune radio frequency (868.3 MHz)
  • Groups are simple to create, modify and extend without the cost associated with wiring
  • Integrated memory function for automatic opening and closing
  • Long range

Expense and wrong investment protection

As you already know, automated roller shutter systems offer you sufficient advantages to protect privacy, health, living space, furniture and other valuables. Because the right sun protection also serves as dynamic insulation in winter, energy costs can also be actively saved here by up to 15%.

In the cold months, pleasant sunshine is a natural and free source of heating, which allows you to set the temperature control lower. Automatically controlled roller shutters with timers or advanced sensors make it possible.

Sun protection

As much as the sun has a positive effect on our minds, sometimes we prefer to regulate it at our own convenience. Whether working at your desk or watching television - integrated light sensors detect UV radiation at an early time. A roller shutter ensures automatically ensures that you are not blinded. If you want, you can of course also use a timer.

Sound and noise protection

Once you have closed your automatic roller shutter, the noise level is regulated automatically. It does not matter whether cars driving along, the neighbour's dog or stormy weather make up the outside noise. With Becker you can be sure of your quiet.

Privacy protection

Even if your home four walls are presentable, some views should be reserved only for you and your close ones. And because your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you, roller shutters can be individually adjusted automatically with the control system from Becker, for example for adequate privacy protection at nightfall. By a timer or by your command via radio - you decide , when and to what views of your living space are possible.

Health and material protection

You are conscious of the dangers of excessive UV radiation. Especially if you have children, who naturally react even more sensitively to sunlight than you, automated roller shutters can be a considerable help. But did you know that the sun can even damage your furniture? Wood, for example, sometimes reacts very sensitively to uncontrolled light and UV incidence. Our central roller shutter automation from Becker prevents this - guaranteed!

Wind and weather protection

Integrated wind and rain sensors, our automated roller shutter systems not only protect your windows, but in an emergency also everything that is behind them. You do not need to be on site yourself for this. Autonomous weather assistants detect excessive wind as well as humidity and shut down all by themselves. Even without your command - this is how intelligent protection.


You want to protect what is important to you, so your home should be smart enough to be able to "defend itself" in an emergency - especially if you are away for a while. Our roller shutter automation promises you absolut relaxation. How? Your presence can easily be simulated by a timer. Or you can have your roller shutters lowered automatically if the window contact detects an unwanted opening. You are clever!

Your requirements. Our solution.