Teaser Bild für automatisierte Rollladen

Hatches open or bulkheads sealed?
Such things are really easy to control automatically.

Automating roller shutters with Becker

Day and night, summer or winter – in your own home everything revolves around you. It's all about your comfort. Your security. And the certainty that you have everything under control. Whether you prefer the automatic system or would rather press a button, either way it's easy to control the opening and closing of your roller shutters. There are plenty of different options to choose between: wired systems, radio control units, uni-directional and bi-directional systems, drives with mechanical or electronic limit switches ...

Which system is the right one for you?

We'll be happy to help you find the answer – with a bit of help from our partners in the world of specialist retail. Because one thing is of prime importance to us: that you feel good having made the right decision. With Becker, not only can you count on receiving top-quality products, but also on getting a comprehensive service – from first-rate advice through to professional installation.

Wired controls

Produktkategorie drahtgebundene Steuerung

Wired control units for your roller shutters from BECKER

Produktkategorie Basis drahtgebundene Steuerung

Basic setup

  • Can be used as latched or push-button switch
  • Can be integrated in different switch ranges
  • One function per button: Up, Stop, Down
Produktkategorie Komfort drahtgebundene Steuerung

Convenient setup

  • Memory function – programming switching times is child's play
  • Intelligent push-button with maintained operation
  • Choice between manual and automatic timer control
Produktkategorie Premium drahtgebundene Steuerung

Premium setup

  • Many preconfigured functions
  • Astro and holiday function
  • Easy to operate
  • Power reserve in case of power failure (programmed times remain programmed)
  • Light sensor (optional) to control brightness

Radio controls

Produktkategorie Funksteuerung

Radio control units for your roller shutters from BECKER

Basic setup

  • 1- and 5-channel hand-held transmitter with wall bracket
  • 1 roller shutter or a group of drives can be controlled on each channel
  • 2 freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
Produktkategorie Komfort Funksteuerung

Convenient setup

  • Memory function – programming switching times is child's play
  • Radio remote control of a roller shutter or a group of drives
  • Groups are easy to create and change
  • Can be integrated in many common switching ranges
Produktkategorie Premium Funksteuerung

Premium setup

  • 5 drives / groups that can be operated separately
  • "All" central channel
  • Many preconfigured functions
  • Astro function for the evening – for automatic closure at sunset
  • Holiday function – simulates an occupied house
  • Running times can be set individually (timer)
  • Also available as a 10-channel system – timers can be set on a channel-by-channel basis
  • Light sensor for automatic shading when the sunlight is too strong, wireless installation with integrated glass breakage sensor


Ein Kind sitzt auf einer Fensterbank und sonnt sich. Das Rollo ist zur Hälfte heruntergefahren.

Wired drives and radio drives for your roller shutters from BECKER

Produktkategorie Basis Rohrantriebe

Basic setup

  • Smooth, quiet running
  • Compatible with all common roller shutter shafts
  • Also suitable for automating roller shutters on very narrow windows
Produktkategorie Komfort Rohrantriebe

Convenient setup

  • Protected by a sensitive obstruction detection system (incl. fly screen protection function)
  • Blockage detection in both UP and DOWN directions (anti-freeze mechanism)
  • Automatic detection of limit positions (top and bottom)
  • Soft upper stop
  • Optional built-in anti-lifting device to prevent unwanted opening from outside (break-in prevention)
Produktkategorie Premium Rohrantriebe

Premium setup

  • Automatic increase of the pressing force with anti-lifting devices
  • Automatic detection of limit positions (top and bottom)
  • Interference-immune radio frequency (868.3 MHz)
  • Groups are simple to create, modify and extend without the cost associated with wiring
  • Integrated memory function for automatic opening and closing
  • Long range

Your requirements. Our solution.