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Manual Update
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Even if you decide not to connect your central controller to the Internet, you are still able to download software updates and in that way install additional functions or bug fixes. CC-Updater enables you to install the latest updates for your CentralControl without the need for CentralControl itself to have Internet access.

Please download CC Updater from our server by clicking on the adjacent Download icon. The program is self-explanatory.

In order to run CC Updater, .NET v4.5 must be installed.

CC Updater


This product or the software offered for download contains third-party software, including software licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2 ("GPLv2") and GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1) is.

For further license information please note the following download:

VersionDateImportant contents of the update
kinoci-20180419 19/04/2018

- New web interface with faster page loading

- Improved operation for roof windows

- Diverse bug fixing by logics with special properties

- Fixing the possibility to shut down by AccessPoint modus

kinoci-20170905 05/09/2017

- Bug fix for 915MHz sticks (Australia)

- Update Kernel for CC51-Linux

- Improved USB power saving function

- New web interface

kinoci-20170619 19/06/2017

- New KNX RF library with support for new devices

- New Kernel for CC51-Linux

- New backup-organisation on data-stick

- New web interface

sensolog-20160916 26/09/2016

- New web interface with faster page loading

- Improved operation for roof windows

- Diverse bug fixing for logics with special properties

- Fault correction for the function to grade elements

- Fault correction for using the astro function

- Fault correction for activation of timers

sensolog-20160714 15/07/2016

- Improved translations for foreign languages

- Improved connection when using the Becker gateway server

- Display improvment for iPhone4, BlackBerry Z30, a.o.

sensolog-20160707 07/07/2016

- New design and improved functionality of the web interface

- Support for transmitters and sensors (web interface)

- Creation and administration of logics

- Improved display for end devices

- Faster access by web interface

- Secured connection (end to end) per HTTPS

- Option to generate a service code (support-tickets)

- Setting of threshold values (sun/wind) for sun protection receivers (Centronic)

- REPLACE-funtion for drives added

- Support for radio stations format M3U

- Automatic display brightness

- Audio output adjustable (radio)

- Improved operation and performance

- Improved update process

- Quicker booting

- Improved translations for foreign languages

favheat-20150806 06/08/2015

- Upgraded web interface with defeatable background information

Improved web display:
Improved touch behaviour for tablets and smartphones
Improved display for smaller end devices
Reviewed colour selection menu for web interface

- Bug fixing (diverse improvements)


- Favourite buttons (common used functions can be droped on home screen)

- Improved web display:
Support for new devices
Diverse display errors fixed
Added colour selection menu for web interface Web interface can be locked by password

- Bug fixing (diverse improvements for user interface)



- Revised fault display

- Revised web interface

- Symbol for power supply removed

- Radio playback improved Creation and editing of groups improved

- Bug fixing

CC31 = webdac-
CC51 = webdac-
20/03/2014- New web interface for access using external devices

- Support for roof windows

- Front LED lights up when the internal camera is accessed

- Improved weather data

- Bug fixing

maxwell-2014021213/02/2014- Front LED lights up when the internal camera is accessed

- Improvements to weather data

- Improved radio performance

- Improved timer operation

- Improved menu structure

- Improved display response

- Radio playback fault rectification

maxwell-2013111819/11/2013- Integration of Centronic sun protection products

- Integration of hidden WLAN networks

- Error message display

- Additional language versions, separate indication of location irrespective of weather location

- Bug fixing

maxwell-2013080101/08/2013- Problem with special characters in WLAN passport rectified
maxwell-2013071212/07/2013- Scanning for WLAN networks instead of manual entry

- Password is hidden during entry

- Improved visual display of roller shutter movements

- Automatic reconnection of central control system following an interruption of the Internet connection

- Improved Astro function

- Facility to "mirror" the CC51 display on the screens of external devices.
maxwell-2013051717/05/2013- List sorting

- new "My House" menu