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Central house control unit
The future for your home

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Set up your smart home: Create yourself an intelligent home and control various trades with your CentralControl.

Have a look at what you can control at your home centrally:

Simple. Flexible.

As far as operation is concerned, CentralControl from Becker is again designed specifically for you and your specific requirements. When you're at home, the system is easy to access using the central control touchscreen, your notebook or TV screen. And when you're out and about, your smartphone or tablet give you all the versatility you need for accessing your CentralControl system. Here is another practical feature: the system uses the KNX radio standard, which allows devices from other manufacturers to easily link into the system.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and benefits offered by central house control? Our specialist retail partners will be happy to help you, offering professional advice and installation along with first-class service. Find out more now!

Control units and drives for your home automation from BECKER

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CC51: Home automation using a touchscreen

  • Central control of not only roller shutters, but sun protection systems, doors, light, heating, etc.
  • All radio drives and external radio receivers can be controlled
  • B-Tronic features immediate feedback and precision positional information from all connected units
Single, group and central control
  • Timer controls can be programmed individually and include a holiday mode
  • Organisation of receivers, groups and scenarios in rooms
  • Rooms can be individually created and named
  • Remote operation via smartphone, tablet, PC or notebook
  • Network integration via LAN / WLAN
Weather data/weather forecast webcams can be integrated
  • Updates possible via the internet
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or wall unit
  • Microphone, loudspeaker, brightness sensor and camera are integrated
  • Web client for internet radio

Extendable and versatile


Our home automation system is compatible with a variety of products from other manufacturers.

List of compatible KNX devices

List of tested webcams


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