Central house control unit
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You can set up your smart home using CentralControl from Becker

Set up your own smart home by integrating various different functions and sensors into the system. Alongside roller shutters, sun protection systems, etc., you can also integrate devices from other manufacturers into the system thanks to the KNX wireless standard.

You can operate CentralControl in whatever way you wish – it can be conveniently accessed at home via the touch screen on the central unit, a notebook or a television screen. Alexa voice commands can also be used to trigger scenarios and thus operate roller shutters, etc. You can access your CentralControl flexibly while out and about via your smartphone or tablet. Devices with a bidirectional wireless connection can even directly provide feedback. The status of the device is fed back to the system so that you can also keep an eye on everything when you are out and about.

CentralContol CC41

Central control unit for building automation

  • Control of Centronic, CentronicPLUS and B-Tronic radio-controlled products
  • Configuration via free Becker CentralControl app
  • Operation via smartphone or tablet
  • Organisation of receivers, groups and scenarios, incl. time control and holiday function
  • Voice control using Amazon Alexa
  • Logic editor

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Flexibly controllable via touch display, smartphone, voice command, etc.

How you control the functions integrated into CentralControl is entirely up to you.

  • Via a notebook, smartphone or tablet
  • Via voice command: Activate the scenarios saved in CentralControl via voice commanderlegte Szenarien per Sprachbefehl



Integrate various different functions

  • Control roller shutters, awnings and garage doors – as well as other functions such as e.g. heating or lighting. You can easily program and control everything centrally using CentralControl from Becker – even when out and about
  • Our B-Tronic bi-directional wireless technology even allows you to check the status of the bi-directional devices that you have integrated into your home automation system when out and about – ensuring that you feel secure even when you are away from home
  • Devices from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the system via the KNX wireless standard. CentralControl can thus be expanded to cover a wide variety of devices

List of compatible KNX devices

List of tested webcams

Other advantages:

  • Individually programmable time controls, including a holiday function
  • Create and organise scenarios: For example, the scenario “Leaving Home” can be activated at the push of a button when you leave your home to move the roller shutters to an intermediate position and switch off the lights and radio
  • Set up “when-then” functions using the logic editor: When e.g. a window contact reports that a window has been unintentionally opened, the roller shutter will then be automatically lowered
  • Integrate smart sensors into the system that enable you to automatically control the functions. If a temperature sensor reports e.g. that a previously defined room temperature has been exceeded, the system can lower the roller shutters and sun protection system so that your home remains pleasantly cool




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