Enjoying peace & quietness together.
The new generation of EVO roller shutter drives from BECKER.


You really can hear a pin drop

Silence – a key feature of the new EVO drive series. Thanks to the intelligent design of the technology, it's almost impossible to hear this drive series. The ability to set a driving profile also further increases flexibility and reduces noise. A Bluetooth interface makes installation even easier for you as you can now use your smartphone to identify the drive type, analyse errors and evaluate cycles.


Barely audible

For those with particularly sensitive ears, the sound level can be reduced even further by simply slowing down the drive. The driving profile can be easily changed using a manual command, depending on the situation – Fast, Slow and Soft Start/ Stop functions – the EVO effortlessly handles all three operations.

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Proven features

The drive series boasts all the renowned Becker features, such as automatic limit position adjustment when flexible suspension springs or rigid shaft connectors are used, soft upper stop, automatic detection of anti-lifting devices, sensitive obstacle detection with reversal and antifreeze mechanism.

Driving profiles


Standard driving profile

In this mode, the drive starts slowly, then gradually picks up speed until it is running at maximum speed. It then slows down again as it approaches the end position.


Whisper driving profile

The drive runs at a constant slow speed, at approx. 7 rpm, until it reaches the end position. This ensures ultra-quiet operation.


Dynamic driving profile

At approx. 17 rpm, this is the drive's fastest running mode. The roller shutter is raised quickly until it reaches the end position.