Can you hear the roller shutter? Pssst!
The new generation of EVO roller shutter drives from BECKER.

As quiet as a mouse...

... that’s the defining feature of the EVO drive series. Thanks to the intelligent design of the technology, this drive series is practically silent. Furthermore, the option of adjusting the travel profiles using either a key combination with a switch or the app ensures even more flexibility and noise reduction. The app, which was specially developed for the EVO series, makes the process really convenient, with a wide range of individual adjustment options designed to make operation child’s play.

Barely audible

If you have particularly sensitive ears, you can reduce the sound level even further by simply reducing the speed of the drive. The app can be used to change the travel profile depending on the situation; whether fast, slow or soft start/stop function, the EVO performs all versions with no trouble at all.

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Complete control with the app

  • Adjustment of different travel profiles (standard, whisper or dynamic)
  • Speed adjustment (fast or slow)
  • Switching the fly screen protection function that protects your fly screen door from damage on or off
  • Switching the freeze protection function that protects your roller shutter from freezing solid in winter on or off
  • Display of software version
  • Free download from the App Store

Really convenient
With the app, you have complete control of your drive settings. Whether you wish to change the travel profi le for even quieter running or to adjust special functions such as the fl y screen protection function, the app makes it clear and easy.

travel profile

Standard travel profile

In this travel profile, the drive starts up slowly and then gets faster and faster until it reaches maximum speed. It then slows down again to reach its end position.

Whisper travel profile

The drive travels at a consistently slow speed until it reaches its end position. This ensures even quieter running, making it the perfect setting for a child’s bedroom.

Dynamic travel profile

With more revolutions per minute, the drive increases the speed in this travel profi le. The roller shutter is raised quickly until the end position is reached.