An interview with Projekt F Fenster:

“Because the product range is logically structured and the products are perfectly matched with one another.”

The specialist company Projekt F Fenstertechnik – a leading address for windows and doors made from all kinds of materials – is based in the village of Deuerling, which is in the district of Regensburg in the Upper Palatine region of Bavaria. This joinery workshop produces customised solutions made out of plastic, wood or a hybrid of aluminium and wood. It is often the first place craftspeople from the local region come when they are seeking specialist advice. As well as answering questions about high-quality construction elements, the two managing directors Andreas Oexl and Toni Silberhorn also provide advice on what is the best shading system for windows. In its own showroom, Projekt F has a large and comprehensive range of products for customers to select the ideal sun protection system that includes high-quality roller shutters, external blinds and textile screens. All of the windows in the office and showroom building are also equipped with different shading systems, which customers can try out for themselves. There has been an increasing trend towards automated solutions in the last few years. Motorised roller shutters – which can be controlled at the push of a button or automatically – are now extremely popular. The same is also true of automated Venetian blinds or awnings that can respond to changes in the weather themselves without having to be operated manually.

You can rely on Becker for automated solutionsProjekt F has already been working together with Becker for 15 years: “The main reasons are that the product range is logically structured, the products are perfectly matched with one another and the drives and technology are easy to install”, explains Toni Silberhorn in our interview. No matter whether you are renovating or converting a building or constructing a new one, automated solutions significantly improve the feeling of well-being in the home. This is appreciated by customers and they often ask about convenient automated options or also comprehensive smart home solutions. This is becoming an attractive additional business for these specialist companies. Everything is possible from a simple, basic solution through to a central home control unit that even allows people to manage their home while they are out and about. Becker has a large range of different solutions in this area. This is another reason why the cooperation with Becker is so attractive because Projekt F has a wide variety of shading systems from different manufacturers on display in its showroom. Naturally, they have all been equipped with automated solutions. This enables customers to experience the advantages of the products live and try them out for themselves during the sales consultation. Customers ultimately purchase products that they feel offer them additional benefits. Everything is centrally controlled using the Becker CentralControl system. This is a central control system that primarily allows you to control roller shutters and sun protection systems via an app. Projekt F enjoys the friendly cooperation with Becker and the advice it provides, whether directly from Becker’s head office or also from its sales representative who supports the company on site: “We are perfectly happy with the service and always feel that we are in good hands with Becker. If the level of service remains this good in the future, there is really no need for us to ever look for an alternative.”

The strengths of Becker CentralControl
The Becker CentralControl system is a central control unit for home automation that can be used to operate and program a variety of different smart devices and elements via a tablet, smartphone, home computer or Alexa voice commands. Easy to use, barrier-free and extremely flexible. It can also be used to control other smart devices in and around the home such as lights or the garage door.

This centrally installed and flexible control unit is the ideal hub for your smart home. CentralControl can be enhanced using USB wireless sticks with a variety of wireless protocols. This makes it possible to use the CentronicPlus, Centronic and B-Tronic systems from Becker in parallel.

The company building in the district of Regensburg in the Upper Palatinate region.

The smart privacy and sun protection systems that are controlled using Becker products also give the sales team the opportunity to advise customers about these types of solutions.

Toni Silberhorn is impressed with how easy everything is to control via the Becker CentralControl app.

The sun protection system matches the corporate colour and makes for another eye-catching feature of the building.

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