Achieve the ideal indoor climate in no time at all with Becker

Easily keep incident light and temperature under control
Sunlight and increasing temperatures go hand in hand in the summer. Awnings, roller shutters, etc, can be easily automated with drives from Becker to create a pleasantly shaded and at the same time cool indoor climate in the summer. Depending on the chosen solution, M05 and E25 crank handle drives from Becker-Antriebe GmbH are equipped with either a mechanical or electronic end switch and can cool down the room in no time at all.

Flexible installation – the M05 crank handle drive
The M05 crank handle drive is available for winding shafts with a diameter from 50 mm or 63 mm and is ideal for controlling roller shutters, sun protection systems and roller doors. To guarantee safe operation, the drive is reliably protected against overheating and also equipped with a mechanical end switch. It is now available with a right-angled connector that enables the use of pluggable power connections (C-plugs) with immediate effect. The main advantage of using a C-plug is that it makes the installation and dismantling processes significantly easier when replacing the system. In addition, it gives the fitter more flexibility because the lengths of the cables can be freely selected and are not predefined as was previously the case.

Electronic limit switch now also available for crank handle drives
The smart E25 roller shutter drive is suitable for winding shafts with a diameter from 50 mm or 63 mm and is equipped with a comfort enhancing electronic limit switch that precisely and independently detects the end position. A control element, e.g. a toggle switch, is used to set the end position. In comparison to manual setting of the end position, this makes the process significantly easier. The anti-freeze mechanism with an automatic length compensation system ensures that everything runs smoothly in the winter: The roller shutter stops automatically shortly before it reaches the upper end stop, which makes it more difficult for the roller shutter to freeze in the upper end stop. The drive also impresses thanks to its crank handle connection, which allows it to be operated manually. The advantage: Using an external crank handle that can be inserted from both sides, roller shutters can also be easily raised or lowered even in the event of a power cut. After using the crank handle, the drive will independently search for its end position again. The convenient electronic end switch thus removes the need for any time consuming readjustment work.

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