“Fit for Smart Home”: Becker-Antriebe presents new products on its roadshow

What can you do when trade fairs and conferences are not being held as usual due to the coronavirus restrictions? To nevertheless stay connected with its specialist partners, Becker-Antriebe decided to utilise the roadshow format and planned a tour across the entire Federal Republic of Germany. “And carried out the whole endeavour very successfully”, says Sales and Marketing Manager Frank Haubach. “We received comprehensive feedback on our products in the discussions held with customers and interested parties during the roadshow. There was no better way to have such direct and personal contact with people.”

Smart home solutions are already an important topic for more than 94 percent

The roadshow stopped at a total of 13 cities – from the MEWA Arena in Mainz and the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart to the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg and Europa Park in Rust. In the north of Germany, an event hall was erected, for example, in the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg. The Becker team always arrived at their destinations with mobile trade fair elements, demonstrations of the technology and lots of other technical gear to try out. The importance that smart home solutions now have for the sector was highlighted by the evaluation of a survey of participating specialist partners. More than 94 percent of those asked believe that smart home solutions are “already” either important or rather important at this point in time. When they were asked to look ahead to the near future, more than 99 percent believed that smart home solutions were a very high priority. The new CentronicPlus wireless system thus fits our times particularly well and received a lot of attention from customers. It makes the smart home experience even better and easier.

CentronicPLUS: the new generation

The company also used the roadshow to find out how satisfied the participating specialist companies were with the CentronicPlus wireless system in comparison to other Becker wireless systems. The visitors all agreed that CentronicPlus represented a really successful upgrade of the wireless technology. Special praise was given to the easy set up process, while the increased range was also emphasised. CentronicPlus achieves this by combining all of the transmitters and receivers into a powerful network in which the devices can pass on the signals to one another. In addition, the specialist partners praised the larger range of functions. The bi-directional wireless generation also gives precise feedback on the movement of the roller shutters to the nearest percent. This makes controlling the roller shutters even safer and more convenient.

Finale at the Becker Academy

The tour of Germany ended in the Becker Academy at the company’s headquarters in Sinn in Hesse. This was of course the perfect place for performing simulations and presenting the systems. Although the specialist partners were equally impressed by the roadshow at all of the locations. “We fully achieved our aim of presenting the new technologies in a face-to-face setting and alleviating any misgivings that people may have had about their complexity. Our specialist partners can look forward to the future with us with confidence and know that they are well prepared and equipped”, summarised Maik Wiegelmann, Head of the Becker Academy.

The 2022 roadshow kicked off at the MEWA Arena in Mainz – the home stadium of the first division team Mainz 05, who are sponsored by Becker-Antriebe.

Participants in the roadshow were able to look forward to exciting product presentations.

The location in Europa Park thrilled visitors to the roadshow, while also giving them a special holiday feeling.

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