A simple solution for a second escape route

New EscapeSet from Becker
Two escape routes are now required in every unit with common areas in an increasing number of buildings (e.g. individual floors of an office building, production departments, etc.). The rules in the relevant building regulations stipulate that every unit with common areas on each floor must have two separate escape routes. The first escape route is usually via a hallway or stairwell. The second escape route can be established using a so-called emergency staircase or a place that can be reached by the fire brigade using rescue equipment. Exiting the building through a window or patio door is also an easy solution. However, these potential exit routes are usually fitted with roller shutters or sun protection systems in modern buildings to provide people with the maximum level of comfort.

If these systems are also fitted with electric drives, this raises new questions when using the window or patio door as an escape route. What happens if a fire in the building results in a loss of power or the failure of a digital network? This is why Becker-Antriebe GmbH – a leading company for drives and control units for roller shutters – is now offering a reliable solution with the new EscapeSet. “Due to ever stricter regulations and the requirement for an increasing number of escape routes, we anticipate that it will become obligatory to offer suitable solutions to customers in the foreseeable future. This is already required in some districts. The EscapeSet from Becker allows you to comply with this requirement very easily and effectively”, explains Peter Graben, Product Manager at the company.

Crank for manual opening in the event of an emergency
The crank that is also fitted inside the building allows you to easily – and above all quickly – raise the blind in any situation and thus open up a safe route to the outside. In the event of a false alarm or when the danger has been averted, the drive automatically and independently detects its end positions again and doesn't need to be recalibrated. Depending on the set, the drives have an electronic end switch with a nominal torque of 12 Nm or 20 Nm. The drives are fitted with sensitive obstacle and blockage detection systems. The crank is only used to turn the drive when operating it for the first time during installation. Afterwards, it is discretely and securely stored next to the window in a wall holder with an integrated catch. The crank has been ergonomically designed to deliver an optimal gear ratio to the drives from Becker.

The set – which consists of a drive, crank and accessories – has everything you need for an easy and quick installation.

The EscapeSet from Becker allows you to comply with building requirements very easily and effectively.

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