A “one-for-all control system”

Becker is introducing a new, universal central control unit for all of its systems: the CentralControl CC41. It will thus replace the previous CC31 and CC51 generations of control unit and will act as the “one-for-all control system” in future, according to its developer Maik Wiegelmann, Head of the Becker Academy. “We developed the CC41 in-house and precisely tailored it to our requirements. It can directly control all of the current wireless products in the Becker range using USB wireless sticks. This includes Centronic and B-Tronic products, as well as the new wireless generation CentronicPlus.”

CentronicPlus also allows you to combine all of the connected devices with one another in a mesh network in an independent way. The system can also easily control multiple Becker products in parallel across the three wireless systems. Timer controls and a holiday function makes it extremely easy to operate the products in all types of situations. The control unit is integrated into the network via LAN and Wi-Fi, while the latest updates can be conveniently downloaded via the Internet.

Controllable via the Becker CentralControl app
The new CC41 control unit is designed for the smart organisation and operation of roller shutters and sun protection systems that have been automated with drives, sensors and external radio receivers. It is now also possible to configure the new central control unit using the free Becker CentralControl app, which allows users to conveniently control the unit using a smartphone or tablet. Previous models still required a web-based interface and this was an area that Becker wanted to upgrade on the new system. The app can be used to program and control a wide variety of room scenarios and of course to organise individual receivers or also groups of products. The rooms can be individually set up and named, while the data is stored locally on the central control unit. Users also have the option of accessing the system via a secure cloud connection. The CC41 can also be operated using smart speakers equipped with Amazon Alexa.

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