S01 series

S01 from Becker: Intelligent drive in an intelligent building

Is your building controlled by a KNX system? Do you want to integrate your roller shutters into your KNX control system? If so, the S01 SMI drive from Becker is the right solution for you.
SMI stands for Standard Motor Interface. This cross-manufacturer interface allows you to integrate your roller shutter and sun protection products into your building control system. With the S01, you will also be getting a really intelligent roller shutter drive. If the roller shutter meets an obstacle, the drive will stop immediately and will move back so as not to cause any damage. The anti-freeze mechanism also detects any blocked slats and adjusts the operating mode to protect the slats. The drive’s intelligence can also be seen in its fly screen protection function and the fact that the S01 dynamically adapts its torque in order to move your systems as carefully as possible. This makes the S01 the perfect choice for your automated roller shutters in the KNX system.

Features of our S01 products:

Sensitive obstacle detection in the DOWN direction for optimal protection of the application and the obstruction

Blockage detection: Switches off in the event of obstructions (e.g. due to freezing) and torque increases

Soft upper stop: The application is optimally protected by the soft stopping

Upper anti-freeze mechanism: The drive stops shortly before reaching the upper stop limit position; this position is cyclically monitored and corrected

Dynamic torque adjustment:
The drive continually
and automatically adjusts the required
torque in line with the particular

Fly screen protection function: Detects an open insect screen door and prevents damage to the system

Popular products in the series:

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USB SMI tool

For the parameterisation and addressing SMI drives via a PC

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SMI: Open to everyone.

Additional information

Your contact partners for questions relating to SMI:

Marcel-Kevin Menger

Roller Shutter and Sun Protection System Sales Adviser -
Planning Support KNX/SMI
(German and English)

Kay Kickstein

Technical Service -  Planning Support KNX/SMI 
(German and English)

Oliver Axt

Technical Service -  Planning Support KNX/SMI 
(German and English)

Pierre Erner

Technical Service -  Planning Support KNX/SMI 
(German and English)

Becker suits you!

As a specialist in drives and control units for roller shutters, sun protection systems and additional applications, Becker has a lot of products in its catalogue that will help make your home really smart. Find out more here or talk to your specialist retailer. 

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