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Automating roller shutters, sun protection systems and doors. With Becker.

With all the engineering incorporated in our drives and control units, it's all about just one thing – you. The focus for our product development is on your quality of life. That's why our motto is: Together it's easier.

Our "Made in Germany" systems give you the freedom to concentrate on the really important things. So that you can arrive home and simply enjoy feeling good.

Roller shutters that can be controlled at the press of a button or automatically. Awnings or blinds that adjust to the weather of their own accord. A garage door that opens and closes automatically with one single click. Or a complete home automation system that gives you complete control and overview – even when you're out and about. For all these things Becker can provide you with the right system – it's that simple! In industry too, in large building complexes and for certain extremely specific challenges, Becker drives and control units come into their own, making people's lives easier.

There's one thing you can rely on in any event – and that is a feel-good factor. That is because Becker provides not only "Made in Germany" quality, but also a comprehensive service: from expert advice to professional installation. Our reliable and professional partners from the retail and professional trades will handle everything for you.