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The new EVO roller shutter drive generation from BECKER.

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As our partner in the fields of roller shutters and sun protection systems, window installation, doors, electrical engineering, roofing or newbuilds, you can rapidly and easily find the exact information that matters to you.

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Market launch of the CentronicPLUS Cube

The new CentronicPlus wireless system from Becker is now compatible with homee
Becker is continuing its strategy of openness. After already introducing...

Compatible with the Centronic radio standard: New generation of wall transmitters from Becker-Antriebe GmbH

Becker is launching a new generation of the popular Centronic radio-controlled wall transmitter on the market. The range has been expanded to include...

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Together it's easier.

Clear, solution-oriented, easy to understand:

These are the aspects that make our "Made in Germany" philosophy so outstanding. Becker is a family business that has been operating internationally for three generations, developing solutions that enhance quality of life, safety and comfort around the world with drives and control units for roller shutters, sun protection systems, doors and special applications.

Whether controlled using a mouse interface, a timer or a sensor: whichever system suits you best, Becker gives you effortless control over your home. Our CentralControl home automation system provides you with the greatest possible degree of comfort and safety. This allows you to easily integrate and control roller shutters, sun protection systems and doors in addition to other systems such as lighting or heating. This is what makes our products special: our home automation system is based on the B-Tronic bidirectional radio system. This is used by all of the connected devices to immediately report back their status. This means, even when you are out and about, you can always have your home under full control – conveniently from your smartphone or tablet, for example.

We attach particular importance to one thing for all our systems: we only market our products through our specialist partners – and for a very good reason. In collaboration with our partners, we offer you as our customer the certainty of not only getting a high-quality product, but also individual advice and professional installation – our aim is to ensure that you are both satisfied and perfectly happy.

Do you want to protect yourself and your house against the sun? Do you place importance on safety and comfort? Or do you want to save energy? If so, we have a variety of possibilities to offer you. We will be more than happy to work with you in finding the right Becker solution for you. Whether, e.g., roller shutters, blinds, awnings or doors – thanks to our drives and control units there is one thing that all of these products can do: make your life easier.

Incidentally, absolutely anyone can take advantage of the benefits offered by our drives and control units. Automated roller shutters can, for instance, be retrofitted very easily. Simply ask your local specialist retailer, who will be able to advise you accordingly. Face-to-face, competent and local.