Sun protection

ZIP screen automation.

Perfect control of textile shading solutions.

An elegant look in a small installation space. Inconspicuous or a riot of colour. For darkening a room or providing shade. Thanks to their versatility, ZIP screens have long been an integral part of windows in offices and homes, and they can be really convenient if operated by intelligent technology by Becker. Our ZIP screen range features the matching drives, transmitters and useful accessories to complete the modern sun protection of ZIP screens with smart technology Including secure lateral guiding, obstacle detection and automatic shading length adjustment so your ZIP screen always stays nice and tight.

Drives for the wired or radio control of your ZIP screen.

Our drive series for wired control.

Our drive series for remote control.


Our ZIP screen drive with electronic limit switching. With a wide range of detail functions perfectly tailored to your ZIP application.

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SMI ZIP screen drive. For integrating your ZIP screen into your KNX system.

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Radio drive with our newly developed CentronicPlus radio control system. And you’ll get feedback from your ZIP screen too.

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The classic radio series from Becker for your ZIP screens. 

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