Feasible for you? It’s possible together!
With Becker Extended Applications.


Because together it‘s easier: Our expertise for your projects

Our long-standing experience with drives, control units and automation solutions is of course incorporated not only into our product but also into the advice that we provide.
Almost 250 employees in Germany and another 100 international employees are on hand to assist you at a number of different locations in Europe, and work with representatives and permanent partners throughout the world.

However demanding your project – with “Becker Extended Applications”, we are your powerful, trusted partner. From the initial prototype right through to the final implementation.

Together it’s easier. With BECKER.



Jens Hederer

Head of Product Divison Extended Applications
Tel.: 02772/507-0
Fax: 02772/507-110
Mail: Extended.Applications@Becker-Antriebe.com

Portrait von Herrn Daniel Wagner

Daniel Wagner

Product manager Extended Applications
Tel.: 02772/507-0
Fax: 02772/507-110
Mail: Extended.Applications@Becker-Antriebe.com


The modular concept driving powerful ideas.

The components and modules in our drive solutions can be set up so that they meet the technical specifications and performance demands of your applications. And because our drives are both flexible and reliable, there are no limits when it comes to the ideas for which they can be used.


Extended Applications – our drives taken one step further for your ideas

In line with our claim “Together it’s easier”, our “Becker Extended Applications” is a modular drive concept system that is primarily intended for applications for which no standard drive solution exist.

With our “Extended Applications” product area, engineers and product developers have the option of integrating one of the most reliable drives on the market into their own innovations – simple,  exible and safe. After all, our technology is tried and tested, giving you the security of an established, technically proven solution.


Our drives performing lots of good ideas.

We at Becker-Antriebe have been developing solutions to make life easier since 1921. In the architecture and building technology industries, we are now predominantly known for our drives and control units for roller shutters, sun protection and additional applications.


The strength of our ideas is their flexibility

Developed and produced in Germany, our drive solutions can be integrated into almost any application with flexibility and without any loss of performance.
The wide range of applications and sectors in which our drives are already being successfully used proves just how versatile they are in terms of their technical usage possibilities: whether in the area of smoke and fire protection, in agriculture, the caravanning sector or the shipbuilding industry – Becker drives can be found wherever the associated technologies require power that is reliable, safe and above all compatible with the relevant components.

An overview of the sectors and application areas where our tubular drives are being successfully used can be found below. Let’s drive your ideas forward together as well.


Smoke and fire protection

Fail-safe tubular drives for textile smoke and fire-protection screens

Pool application

DC drives for pool covers and elevating pool roofs

Sports halls

Drives for lifting and lowering sports equipment

Greenhouses and systems

Motorised shade systems and window systems

Agricultural applications

Wind/sun and screening systems for barns


Material transportation, scissor lifts, motorisation of cable, chain and belt systems


Automation of transport nets/tarpaulins and roller shutters in emergency vehicles


Drives and control systems for awnings and roller shutters on caravans and motorhomes or on cruise ships

Healthcare/medical technology

Mobility and raising aids for people with limited mobility

Guillotine windows

Motorisation of vertical window fronts for modern architecture and outdoor living