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Traditional handicraft meets modern technology 

Master carpenter puts music perfectly in scene in cooperation with Becker-Antriebe

Sometimes it’s the small things that arouse the greatest excitement. And master carpenter Johann Osterloh from Muhle & Osterloh GmbH in Hagstedt, Lower Saxony, certainly loves demonstrating his creativity by putting unusual ideas into practice for his customers. And so it was that a young family from the Oldenburg Münsterland was recently able to celebrate a unique construction that provides wireless music enjoyment on the patio, as well as impressing with its technical sophistication.

A patio becomes a stage

For three years the house owners had contemplated how they could make best use of the opening leading into the garden, because the wind blew through the 1.30 metre wide and 2.80 metre high gap in the wall and disturbed many a pleasant evening. But when Johann Osterloh was commissioned to construct built-in cupboards for the pantry, the time had finally come to put an end to this issue. The plan: The upper part was to be glazed and the lower part used as storage space. During the course of the discussions, the idea arose of integrating a closed wall cabinet with a special highlight: a stage on which a smart loudspeaker for streaming music could be moved in and out of the cabinet when required. Just the right challenge for Johann Osterloh: He prepared a freehand sketch of how such a solution could look and set to work on the implementation. He quickly discovered, however, that the components he needed couldn’t be found in the classic furniture sector. But the experienced designer knew how to overcome this issue: “If I meet a problem, then I solve it. After all, we often take on projects that are anything but standard. I assess what I need then set about finding it.”

Remote-controlled platform

He finally found what he was looking for at Becker-Antriebe – in the form of a flush-mounted radio receiver and matching hand-held 1-channel transmitter. “I know Becker and their products from earlier projects, and I know what they can do,” explains Osterloh. Becker had originally developed its VarioControl VC420-II for simple control of various systems around the home – whether roller shutters, Venetian blinds, lights or awnings. After all, the experts from Hesse are specialised in intelligent house automation. But Johann Osterloh had other plans: He used the radio receiver to control a small platform that he had integrated into the wall cabinet and fitted with a motor. When it receives a signal, the platform rises and stylishly presents the music loudspeaker mounted on it – ready to play. “And just as easily, a click on the hand-held transmitter or on the separately connected wall switch and the platform is elegantly lowered again,” says Johann Osterloh, explaining his impressive construction. The upper part of the platform is then flush with the shelf surface of the wall cabinet. A window allows a clear view of the garden and lets in plenty of daylight for a relaxing atmosphere.

Creative and skilful

But master carpenter Osterloh had also paid attention to a large number of other details that are not so immediately recognisable – such as anti-pinch protection for the fingers and the weather resistance of the material. The result impresses not only the proud owners, but also Manfred Tews, responsible field service representative at Becker. “Our solutions also pursue the goal of making life easier for our partners. And when they contribute to developing such a creative idea, then we’re all the more pleased.” It will definitely not be the last unusual project that Johann Osterloh turns his hand to. And certainly not the last that he will successfully complete together with Becker.