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Universal wireless receiver ensures comfort and convenience


Picture the scene: You're relaxing on the sofa with a good book when harsh glare from the sun suddenly causes you discomfort. Wouldn't it be nice to stay put and yet still control and reduce the harsh effects of the sun's rays? Or just imagine, you're on your way home from work and turn your heating on remotely to make sure everything is warm and cosy when you arrive home. B-Tronic home automation from Becker-Antriebe and the new wireless receiver VarioControl VC4200B make life so much easier.

Totally flexible – at home or when out

The clever wireless system offers greater comfort and efficiency for central home automation. Besides roller shutters, awnings and lighting, B-Tronic can also control the room temperature in a centralised manner. The KNX-RF-based radiator thermostat can be used to simply set the time when the system should heat up your home to the desired temperature. Smart operation not only makes life easier for users, it also makes it easier to save on heating bills.

The CentralControl CC51 constitutes the core of the system and can be operated in various ways and from any distance. The special feature of the system: All the integrated bi-directional devices provide instant status feedback via a wireless connection. There are no limits to what can be achieved with home automation from Becker-Antriebe, and smartphones or tablets can be used as command centres for the entire home. When you're not out and about, the system is simply controlled using the clearly arranged touch screen or the handheld transmitter.

VarioControl VC4200B – taking advantage of more opportunities

The versatile B-Tronic system also includes the new wireless receiver VarioControl VC4200B. From roller shutters and Venetian blinds to the effortless control of lamps, alarm systems and other low voltage appliances – everything can be simply connected to and managed from the universal wireless receiver. Sun protection systems and garage doors can also be integrated into the CC51. With a 'central brain' in the home, there are so many opportunities available.

Freedom and added security

Becker's principle of combining central home automation with unlimited freedom was also a key aspect when developing B-Tronic. The wireless system is based on KNX technology, the world's only open standard for home and building control applications. Appliances from other manufacturers can therefore be integrated effortlessly into the CC51, and existing automation systems can also be retrofitted with Becker solutions.

The highest demands in terms of operating comfort are also met when controlling a home remotely. The updated user interface for mobile applications comes with a cutting-edge design and handy 'favourites' buttons to recall settings quickly and easily. And the products have also been developed to ensure Becker-Antriebe meets its responsibilities in terms of individual data protection. Information about when, for instance, the holiday mode is activated or roller shutters open and close is stored securely on the CC51 system and never leaves your own four walls. Meaning you don't necessarily need an internet connection to control your home from one central hub. And if you don't fancy using a touch screen, the CC31 supports the same functions as the CC51 while offering a quick way to manage your home on your TV screen.
This all makes life a little bit easier while ensuring comfort, convenience and security.