The first EnOcean drive for roller shutters from Becker


EnOcean technology is finally offering a solution for the retrospective fitting of new switch architecture – without having to break open any walls or lay any new cables. Batteries are also not required. Buttons/operating elements can be easily fitted in the desired positions and activated wirelessly. It is a truly innovative idea. The wireless buttons work without the need for any batteries – the energy for the radio signal is generated by the movement of the button itself. Sensors and actuators that work without batteries or a power supply and generate the required energy from the application’s surroundings are another typical feature of EnOcean technology. This is based on the following principle: Wherever sensors record measurement values, they change their energy state. This energy is sufficient to transmit the required wireless signals and to sustainably control a variety of different systems, such as roller shutters in the home. Becker-Antriebe GmbH has the ideal drive for this purpose and now makes complex building automation extremely simple.

It was the perfect solution for Christoph Lantelme from Hohenahr when he wanted to retrospectively automate the roller shutters in his recently renovated house. “EnOcean was precisely what we were looking for. And of course it was good for us that Becker is the first company to launch an appropriate drive for this technology on the market. We were looking for a solution that meant we didn’t have to damage our walls or lay any cables. And we also didn’t want a solution that involved laying either a control wire or an electricity cable and then plastering over it.” What does he think of the solution? “We were able to flexibly install the buttons, which is really fantastic and there is no comparable solution available on the market.” The installation and integration processes were quickly carried out by a specialist dealer. The special feature of the solution from Becker is that the EnOcean wireless module is directly located in the drive itself. This means that it does not require an external actuator fitted flush to the wall or on a top-hat rail.

The key and interface to a broad range of smart home solutions

In combination with the OPUS Smart Home Gateway from JÄGER DIREKT, the EnOcean drive from Becker can be directly integrated into the Apple Homekit. The OPUS Smart Home System from this German manufacturer is both the key and interface to a broad range of solutions that can make your home smarter and your living environment simpler. A solution that was also successfully installed on this occasion. Another alternative would have been the Smart Home System from mediola.

The drive supports remote commissioning and remote management. In addition, it is equipped with two different repeater modes (level 1 and 2). In level 1 repeater mode, the signals from the sensors and actuators are repeated at the full transmission power. Wireless signals from other repeaters are ignored to reduce the data volume. If level 2 mode is activated, wireless signals from another level 1 repeater can be processed. A signal can thus be received and repeated a maximum of two times. This means that large distances and structural barriers can be easily bridged. Christoph Lantelme is extremely pleased with the solution. He is particularly impressed by the fact that he can not only form device groups but also operate every roller shutter individually via the OPUS button. Alongside the OPUS Smart Home Gateway, a total of ten drives were installed. He has now integrated EnOcean into the living and sleeping areas. The roller shutter drives and a light switch using an EnOcean radio module are the first smart home products to be installed in his private house.

An introduction to smart living

The EnOcean drives from Becker successfully mastered another practical test in Christoph Lantelme’s building project. Depending on how the owner of the building wants to automate his home, other smart functions are also possible with EnOcean products. For example, window handles and smoke detectors can be directly connected to the drives so that the property has the maximum level of security. The devices operate here autonomously using the integrated logic in the drive. A smoke detector can be programmed to open the roller shutters in the event of an alarm or an opened window handle can activate a lock-out protection function that stops the roller shutter from closing on a timer when a patio door is open and thus prevents the owner from being locked out of their home. If a window is opened on tilt, a sensor can also ensure that the roller shutter is automatically moved from a closed position to a ventilation position. In combination with a compatible gateway, precise communication of movement values to the nearest percent and the receipt of feedback are also possible via the encoder in the drive.