For fitting out doors or windows with motorised shading solutions that serve as a second escape route

Escape Door Set HCS520

  • The shading solution will move upwards automatically in the event of a power failure, e. g. due to a fire
  • Blockage detection with reversal in the DOWN direction
  • Additional redundancy due to mandatory safety switch
  • Choice of touch mode or continuous operation
  • Push-button connection for on-site operation
  • Connection for central operation, smoke detectors etc.
  • Control unit can be installed in a flush-mounted electronics box or a double cavity wall box
  • Timer can be connected
  • Can be integrated in the Centronic radio system using receivers
  • On-site push-buttons, safety switches plus fittings for the drive and control unit are included with in the kit's scope of supply
  • Kit includes assembly materials, tube adaption, motor bearings, flush-mounted electronics box, push-button for on-site operation and safety switches