Roller shutter solar set for the operation of roller shutters independently of mains power


  • Mains-independent roller shutter drive and control unit set, which can be used for external sun protection systems
  • Memory function possible using MemoControl transmitters
  • 2 freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
  • Rotation direction changeover via external transmitter
  • On-site operation with feedback via status LED
  • Compatible with Becker Centronic remote control
  • The control/battery unit mounted in the interior offers easy servicing and high operational safety
  • More than 100 operating cycles can be achieved from one battery charge
  • With limit switching
  • Obstacle detection through the use of rigid shaft connectors
  • Items included: DC drive, control unit VC360, battery, solar panel, wall bracket and wiring set, S40 drive adapter and ring combination