Radio control units

CentralControl CC51

Central control unit for the organisation, operation and automation of roller shutters, dimming and switching actuators and heaters„

  • B-Tronic and Centronic drives can be operated„
  • External Centronic radio receivers can be operated„
  • Single, group and central control
  • „Individually programmable time control, including holiday function, for each receiver
  • „Organisation of receivers, groups and scenarios in rooms„
  • Rooms can be individually created and named„
  • Formation of scenarios
  • 4.3" (111 mm) touchscreen
  • „Remote operation via smartphone, tablet, PC or notebook„
  • Network integration via LAN / WLAN„
  • Weather data / weather forecast„
  • Web cameras can be integrated
  • „Updates possible via the internet„
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or wall unit„
  • Microphone, loudspeaker, brightness sensor and camera are integrated„
  • Web client for internet radio