Roller shutter drives with integrated radio receiver CentronicPLUS

R8-C01 PLUS...R40-C01 PLUS

  • Bidirectional radio receiver
    The drive feeds its position and status information back to the operator unit
  • Position and status feedback
  • Mesh technology enables the drives to automatically interconnect to form a very efficient network
  • Your advantage: Automatic detection of the limit positions when flexible suspension springs or rigid shaft connectors are used
  • Highlight: Sensitive obstacle detection in the DOWN direction with automatic reversing when flexible suspension springs or rigid shaft connectors are used
  • Blockage detection in the UP direction (antifreeze mechanism)
  • Anti-freeze mechanism at the top with automatic shading solution length adjustment that can be additionally activated
  • Automatic increase of the pressing force with anti-lifting devices
  • Fly screen protection function
  • Motor head can be overwrapped
  • Intelligent installation management allows for limit position corrections
  • Limit positions status indicator (LSI) signals missing limit positions
  • Easy programming of the limit positions with and without fixed stops
  • Two freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
  • Compatible with numerous control units from the Centronic II series
  • Soft upper stop
  • Dynamic torque adjustment to changes in the roller shutter element
  • On-site operation via conventional single button
  • Intermediate positions can be changed without deleting them before
  • Motor protected against overheating
  • Suitable for left and right installation