SMI roller shutter drive with electronic limit switching for barrels with diameters of 38 mm and above

P5-S01 ... P9-S01

  • Electronic limit switching
  • Sensitive obstacle detection: If the drive hits an obstacle, it immediately stops and automatically moves up again – even if using flexible shaft connectors (springs)
  • Anti-freeze mechanism at the top with automatic shading solution length adjustment that can also be activated
  • Blockage detection in the UP direction (anti-freeze mechanism)
  • Fly screen protection function
  • Automatic increase of the pressing force with anti-lifting devices
  • Soft upper stop
  • Dynamic drive torque adjustment to changes in the roller shutter element
  • Suitable for left and right installation
  • Automatic limit position setting – when fixed stops are used, the drive automatically detects the limit positions, regardless of whether rigid shaft connectors are used
  • Intelligent installation management with limit positions status indicator (LSI)
  • Thermal protection incl. electronic detection of activation