Individual design frames
for the CentralControl CC51

Individual designs for the CentralControl CC51

As classy and modest the design of the CC51 Central Control may be, - some would like to create the glass surface individually. The new design foils allow the realization of this wish in a quick and easy step. Wether the Central Control is to be adapted to the season, mood or the interior style or even the special interests of the owner, a multitude of design foils makes it possible.

In order to make placing and removing the foils as simple and easy as possible, our foils are not conventional stickers or thin foils as commenly known for display protection. Instead we use a robust material with thousands of very small suction cups underneath. This allows the foils to be used as often as desired and to be reused again and again.

Order information: Please indicate the item number 4995 800 162 0 on your order and add the particular number of the desired foil underneath.