Teaser Bild für Sonderandwendungen

Bespoke solutions
for specific requirements

Automation for any situation

A pool with an extendable cover which keeps it nice and clean, and represents a reduction in danger for small children. A stable way of entering a plane ensures that you start your journey with a positive feeling. Or the fire curtain in the shopping centre, which quickly unfolds itself with all its fire-retardant potential in the event of an emergency ... These are but a few examples of situations in which our specially developed systems are used to provide greater safety and efficiency – needless to say with the tried and tested quality that is synonymous with the name Becker.

Experience and knowledge

Are you also looking for a system that is tailor-made for your specific challenge? If so, we will be only too happy to assist you in finding it. We will work with you in our role as your dependable partner, bringing with us all our knowledge and our decades of experience with drive and control systems. Together it's easier. With Becker.