Use EnOcean for battery-free control

of roller shutters

Our EnOcean drive. Quickly installed. Simply integrated.


EnOcean: Battery-free into the future

The pioneering EnOcean technology will open up a completely unique world for you. A world in which a light switch, for instance, is simply glued on – yet the room lights up as soon as you press it. How can that work? Quite simply: using battery-free wireless switches and wireless sensors.

They collect and store the smallest amounts of energy from their surroundings, because wherever sensors record measured values, the state of energy also changes. This energy is enough to transmit radio signals and sustainably control a wide variety of systems.

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Innovation for roller shutters

Becker offers a roller shutter drive that integrates seamlessly into this innovative ecosystem and which is directly compatible with various EnOcean devices. The secret to the magic: our EnOcean radio module is incorporated into the drive itself. This eliminates the need for any external rail-mounted or flush-mounted actuator, making it much easier for you to plan and install.

This gives you an unbeatable advantage, especially when it comes to prefabricated buildings because you save yourself the extensive cabling work involved when using conventional drives. And you will quickly see that this is the tip of the iceberg: complex building automation has never been easier.

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Information for experts about our EnOcean talent:

  • Supports remote commissioning and remote management
  • Repeater mode Level 1 and 2
  • Additional intelligent functions in combination with compatible EnOcean products: window handle and smoke detector can be directly linked to the drive with no need for an additional gateway.
  • The encoder in the drive, in combination with a compatible gateway, enables precise access and feedback.
  • Devices act autonomously using integrated drive logic (e.g. a programmed smoke detector will open the curtain in the event of an alarm, an open window handle will activate lock-out protection, etc.).
  • Exact live values instead of imprecise calculated positions, as found in conventional external EnOcean blind actuators

Open to new ideas

In combination with the OPUS SmartHome Gateway of JÄGER DIREKT the Becker-EnOcean drive can be integrated into Apple HomeKit. The „WORKS WITH mediola®“ partnership also makes it possible to integrate the EnOcean drive into mediola´s smart home system.
Both enable comprehensive solutions that make the home intelligent and flexible.