Zwei Bilder in Einem: Ein Monteur arbeitet an der Zentralsteuerung der Rolltore. Das zweite Bild zeigt das Gebäude mit geschlossenen Rolltoren von außen.

Greater flexibility thanks to a dedicated drive partner

20 years successful partnership with C.M. Attert sàrl, Luxembourg

The story of Becker's success is a testimony to the high quality products and services that the German company has been providing for almost 100 years. Back in 1921, the company founders Emil and Adolf Becker were already busy developing solutions to make the lives of their customers easier. And Becker has remained true to this aspiration throughout its existence. A significant milestone in the company's history was 1965 when the decision was made to develop and manufacture door drives and control units for industrial applications. A story of success. Industrial doors worldwide are operated and controlled using Becker solutions.

Listening and helping

In Luxembourg, for example, C. M. Attert sàrl has benefited from Becker's products and services for many years. C. M. Attert sàrl specialises in industrial building construction and is a leading supplier of solutions for sectional, high-speed and roller shutter doors. Established by Jos Regenwetter in Böwingen/Attert in 1970, the company currently boasts a 700 square metre stockroom to provide customers with fast, friendly service and quality spares. Rapid opening and closing times are critical requirements for modern industrial doors. And fast service is also a key challenge. Becker's wide range of drive and control technology ensures customers always find the best solution for every application and market requirement.

"But it's definitely not just the drives and control units that swung our decision in favour of Becker," explains Sonja Herren, project manager at C. M. Attert sàrl. "They actually listen to us when we make suggestions. And in the unlikely event of customer complaints we know that Becker will continue to provide us with the support we need." Reliability, durability and performance are guaranteed by perfectly coordinated individual parts and assemblies while Becker promotes the high production standards and integrity of door drives. Consequently, it ensures the long-term satisfaction of C. M. Attert sàrl's customers.




Dedicated supplier strengthens service

Cooperation with Becker started in 1995. Up until that point, it had been normal to purchase door drives automatically from the company supplying the doors. Unfortunately, this led to maintenance and service problems, as door-makers had a tendency to swap their technical partners for drive and control modules on a regular basis. This additionally made finding replacement parts a time-consuming process. After initial meetings with Becker representatives, it was decided to bring the German company on board as a direct manufacturer of quality door drives. A decision which has proven fruitful.

The industrial door division has grown so rapidly in recent years that C. M. Attert sàrl decided to expand its production facilities. The result is a new manufacturing and storage unit to enhance the company's capabilities in the industrial door sector and the increased availability of workshop space for assembly, design and test operations. In terms of service delivery, C. M. Attert sàrl is well prepared to respond to future demands.



New BDCi44F control unit in use

It goes without saying that the new facility is equipped with Becker door drives. C. M. Attert sàrl decided in favour of the A70/60 FC drive, and the control unit is the new BDCi440F. Variable door operating times thanks to Becker's high-speed door technology contribute to a longer service life of the mechanical components and minimum wear. In contrast to conventional drive technologies, it has been possible to reduce the extreme forces of the short acceleration and deceleration times while at the same time lowering energy costs considerably. The newly developed wireless safety edge from Becker means the otherwise common spiral cable is no longer required.

Facilities at the new workshop also enable assembly teams to run and test the new controls and safety devices on-site. Not too far away in Wiltz, Becker control units and C. M. Attert sàrl products are put to the test on a daily basis. The local fire brigade recently received 16 new sectional doors equipped with A80/29 AK drives and BDC control units for its brand new fire station, … but that is yet a further interesting chapter in the colourful story of cooperation between the two companies.