Die Garagen Feuerwache in Wiltz mit geöffneten Toren von Becker Antriebe. Darin stehen die Dienstfahrzeuge der Feuerwehr.

New fire station in Wiltz

Becker door drives for rapid rescue services

The town and commune of Wiltz lies in the heart of the Ardennes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This is also where you'll find Becker door drives working day in, day out. When the alarm sounds in the town's brand new fire station, a piece of German engineering always helps to open the 16 sectional doors. Each of the doors from the 40 series is equipped with a low-headroom system and operated using Becker drives and BDC-i440R control units. One reason for this is the more than 20 year German-Luxembourgish partnership between Becker-Antriebe and C. M. Attert sàrl. The Luxembourg-based company is proud of its many achievements in municipal buildings and infrastructure, particularly in the area of fire stations and control centres. It specialises in industrial building construction and is a leading supplier of solutions for sectional, high-speed and roller shutter doors. For the new fire station in Wiltz, the company was awarded a contract to undertake the steel substructure, to insulate and clad the façade using a sandwich panel system and to install the sectional doors. Becker has been the company's partner of choice for door drives since 1995. At that time, C. M. Attert sàrl was looking for a dedicated drive manufacturer to avoid being reliant on the solutions provided by door makers, as these firms had a tendency to swap drive partners on a regular basis. This was an unfavourable situation for service, warranty and maintenance work and made finding replacement parts a time-consuming process. With Becker, the company knows it has a reliable supplier on-hand to provide fast and efficient services for all matters regarding drives and control units. Industrial doors worldwide are operated and controlled using Becker solutions.




Special demands for fire stations

Specific demands are placed on sectional doors, in particular fast opening of the doors in an emergency, a sturdy drive design for a long service life and simple manual operation to ensure fire crews can reach emergencies even during a power outage. In terms of availability, local presence and service, C. M. Attert sàrl scores top marks. The competent project manager Sonja Herren explains the decision in favour of the selected drives as follows: "Since the project focussed on the construction of a fire station, it was incredibly important that the drive functions perfectly even in less advantageous door conditions." The A80 Becker drive is a reliable and very powerful drive and can be programmed directly via the control unit. It is also very easy to decouple the door when the supporting cables are in a state of high tension. The emergency unlocking of doors is a specified requirement to ensure the reliable and safe operation of a fire and rescue station. "As the A80 drive is always in stock, we can guarantee extremely short service and delivery times," Sonja Herren claims. "We're pleased that our customer is highly satisfied with our work and are proud of the fact that the fire station in Wiltz can be celebrated as yet another successful project."



New build for industrial doors

The industrial door division has grown so rapidly in recent years that C. M. Attert sàrl decided to expand its production facilities. A further manufacturing and storage unit has been erected in a new building to enhance the capabilities of the industrial door sector. This has resulted in increased availability of workshop space for assembly, design and test operations. A brand new chapter in the success story of C. M. Attert sàrl and Becker-Antriebe has thus begun. Needless to say, this can only be of benefit to safe and efficient fire and rescue services.