Zwei Bilder in Einem: Ein vollautomatisiertes Eigenheim. Das zweite Bild zeigt ein halboffenes Rollo von Becker Antriebe

Smart homes:
Home automation is taking the private residential market by storm

Becker ensures greater comfort

The topic of home automation has long since become an essential consideration for homeowners. In the past, the majority of demand for this technology was generated by public and large buildings, but today there is an increasing shift towards these comfortable solutions in the private residential sector. Besides the obvious comfort factor, safety aspects and energy efficiency are key criteria when investing in home automation. A development which will significantly shape the future of the industry. A prime example of an automated home is situated near the German town of Giessen. Five years ago, the owner of the new-build decided to install automated roller shutters on all three floors – and chose to work in partnership with a local company called Lura. When it came to installing intelligently controlled drives in roughly 30 windows, the experts at Lura turned to Becker-Antriebe GmbH. Both companies have been working together successfully for many years.



Always on the safe side

From the basement to the attic - the opening and closing of all the roller shutters has been perfect since day one. The Becker tubular drives can be controlled individually, in groups or from a central location – simply via a wall switch combined with a timer. The date, time and travel program can be set for each drive separately, ensuring the roller shutters open and close automatically after programming. Even a holiday function has been integrated. This will randomly generated opening and closing times giving the realistic impression that the house is occupied and help to deter any would-be burglars.

However, if an intruder still attempts to gain entry by forcing open the roller shutters, they automatically lock into position. "Our customers demand that the automated solutions are fully reliable – and we can be certain of this by collaborating with Becker," says Lutz Rassmann, managing director of Lura. "The products are easy to use and there has never been a single complaint throughout the more than 15 years during which we have been working as partners. It goes without saying that this makes our lives a darn sight easier, as we would otherwise spend most of our time repairing the systems – especially in the case of larger projects."

Investing in the future

Further advantages of the installed roller shutter drives: they are installed in no time at all, operate quietly and respond extremely quickly to obstacles. As soon as something prevents the roller shutter from closing properly, it stops automatically, protecting both the shutter and the forgotten object against damage. This is of course a key influencer in the decision-making process of clients who find it particularly hard to imagine their lives without the new-found comfort level. The automatically opening and closing shutters save time and energy as homeowners no longer need to go from window to window adjusting each one manually. Climbing lots of stairs and forgetting to shut roller shutters are now a thing of the past – a worthwhile investment for the future as you get older.

Another significant benefit that can be felt immediately is the reduced energy consumption. The closed roller shutters reduce heat loss through windows in the winter and protect rooms against excessive heat gain in the summer. In short, costly and energy-intensive air conditioning systems are not required. "More and more homeowners are turning to automated solutions for both new buildings as well as renovation projects," claims Rassmann, thus highlighting the current trend in the industry. "It is therefore even more important to be able to react quickly and flexibly to orders. And that is only possible with a strong and reliable partner like Becker."