Automatisiertes Rolladensystem an einem Wintergarten

Take advantage  
of the new freedom

Upgrading to future-proof home automation ensures long lasting security and comfort

Energy saving, comfortable and senior friendly: the advantages of intelligent home automation are plain for all to see. More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of automated solutions, and are transforming their houses into smart homes. If estimates are to be believed, one million households could be equipped with networked, remote controllable appliances, e.g. automated roller shutters, by the year 2018. This trend is being supported by the rapid development of user-friendly systems that facilitate access to state-of-the-art home automation and deliver maximum growth for the industry. 

Someone who is already profiting from the latest technical developments is Gerd Klotzbach from Mühlheim am Main, Germany. The 65-year-old really knows his stuff. Fifteen years ago he equipped his home with hard-wired electrical roller shutters controlled via a PC. Once it was no longer possible to find updates for the long serving system, Gerd decided it was time for a brand new future-proof wireless one and put his trust in the experience and expertise of Becker-Antriebe GmbH. The task involved replacing all the roller shutters over two floors and integrating them into a centralized home automation hub, ensuring easy operation while at home, or when away.



Controlling your home from anywhere

The thirty-five old PVC roller shutters were fully replaced with ultra modern aluminium ones in just four days. The new roller shutters each boast an intelligent Becker drive with integrated radio receiver. Effective and efficient installation was carried out by the local specialist company Rolladen Epple, which is a long-standing and close partner of Becker. "Service and customer care are incredibly good at Becker," says Tim Kreuziger, the project supervisor. "For our customers it is also essential that the solutions offer an easy retrofit design, compatibility and ease of use without having to spend hours navigating through complicated menus and long instruction manuals. Becker is also far ahead of its competitors in this regard, as other suppliers are much more complicated."

Since the extensive modernisation of Gerd's property, security and comfort have been guaranteed by the CentralControl CC51 from Becker, which integrates all the roller shutter drives in a centralised manner and can be operated flexibly from a touch display, handheld transmitter, PC, tablet or smartphone. Based on the bi-directional radio-controlled system B-Tronic, all the drives indicate their status immediately. Easy-to-understand icons on the display and monitor or clear LED signals on the handheld transmitter enable you to see at a glance whether all the roller shutters have really been opened or closed correctly. "As pensioners we are often away from home, and it's nice to know that the house is safe and sound," explains Gerd, who enjoys the new freedom created by the technology that allows him to check and control the status of his roller shutters from practically anywhere. "It wasn't difficult to get used to the new technology either, since operation is more or less self explanatory – but I have to admit I'm not really responsible for looking after our new home automation system. My wife usually takes care of that," laughs the former craft glazier, who managed a workshop for 38 years.



Astro function opens shutters at sunrise

The roller shutters currently open and close automatically at sunrise and sunset respectively thanks to the integrated astro function of the CC51. However, plans have already been made to equip the system with special light sensors before the summer starts. If the sun is too strong during the day, the sensors ensure that the roller shutters close automatically, helping to keep the house nice and cool. This investment is particularly wise for houses with large glass areas, as it enhances the quality of life, protects your furniture against fading and saves money you would otherwise spend on air conditioning.

Gerd and his wife are also excited about the new software update that will be available in the not too distant future and which is designed to facilitate operation via favourite buttons on the start screen. One day they may also decide to integrate their sun protection system, their garage door and their heating system in the central home automation system. Many things are possible today without too much effort – but tomorrow promises so much more. A future for which the Klotzbachs are well prepared.