Smart sun protection assistant for all weather conditions

Networked solutions move into position around the house independently
If summer temperatures once again reach record levels this year, people will be yearning for cool places. It will then be time for modern sun protection systems to really show what they can do for people in their own homes. Because nowadays intelligent drives and automation systems make it very easy to block out the heat using roller shutters, awnings, etc. and breathe easy in a cool home. Becker-Antriebe GmbH provides the very solutions. The experts from Hesse are taking steps towards creating a Smart Home because, in addition to comfort, cleverly networked sun protection brings a whole host of other benefits.

Sensitive sensors
With CentralControl at the heart of Becker’s centralised home automation system, the sun protection systems around the house can be controlled completely independently. The drives in roller shutters, screens, roller blinds or awnings, as well as the built-in sensors, can be easily integrated into CentralControl. The sensors directly transmit their readings to a central unit in the home and, if previously defined values have been exceeded or not met, the system responds and takes a corresponding action independently. As an example: If the sunlight is too strong, the awning extends and the roller shutters come down on the affected side of the house. This saves arduous cranking of the awning and the time-consuming process of closing the shutters by hand. Especially when you are away from home, you can still look forward to returning to a cool house. A positive side effect is that the system saves on costly air conditioning and also helps to prevent furniture and floors from fading.

Naturally, the sensors from Becker also detect a change in the weather. If a thunderstorm with rain and strong winds is brewing, for example, the SC911 sun/wind/rain sensor provides the appropriate protection. It detects all potential risks in order to protect the awning and other shading systems against any potential damage. For example, it retracts the awning if there is too much rain and wind and lowers the appropriate shutters to protect the windows.

Impressive functions
The wireless drive for sun protection systems in the C12 series fits perfectly to the sensors from Becker. It impresses due to its compatibility with many different shading systems and its built-in radio receiver, which allows it to be directly integrated into CentralControl. Irrespective of whether you want to automate a standard articulated arm awning or a high-quality cassette awning for the patio – both are possible with the C12 series. However, the drives from Becker are also ideal for providing shade in indoor areas, such as in a conservatory or on a large window in a living room, because they can also be used for conservatory awnings or screens.

The C12 drive series has an integrated blockage detection function to completely protect the awning against damage when extending and retracting it. In addition, the automatic awning length compensation system means that the awning always travels the same route when extending, so you do not have to readjust the end position. Two other attractive functions can also be activated: The fabric tightening function, which ensures that the awning always remains elegant and taut when extended, and the cloth slackening function, which ensures that the awning is not wrapped too tightly around the shaft when retracted. This type of drive also has a special higher closing force for cassette awnings so that the canvas is securely lifted into the cassette.

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